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Michael Solomon Talks Reliability and RF Gear

Punk turned audio pro Michael Solomon has built a sizable resume over the years working in nonfiction TV with a passel of Lectrosonics gear.

New York, NY (October 4, 2022)—Michael Solomon has used Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless equipment exclusively over the past 15 years, building a résumé of credits in reality and documentary TV that includes working with Jack Black, George Clooney and David Frost.

“I grew up in the punk scene on Long Island, but I never subscribed to the punk ethos of ‘live for today because you’re going to die at 25,’” Solomon says. “So, I knew I wanted a career, but that I didn’t want to work a 9-to-5 and wear a suit.”

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

In 2008, he landed a gig working on As the World Turns, through the final episode. By then, it was time for Solomon to begin acquiring his own gear, and even on his then-limited budget, he reached for what he describes as the good stuff. “This guy Rick Johnson was instrumental in my learning about gear,” he says. “I bought two Lectrosonics receivers off him — I think they were 200-series and I forget the model of the transmitters, but they were Lectro as well.”

His rig now includes nine Letrosonics UCR411a receivers and seven SMQV transmitters, complemented by UM400a transmitters and five R1A receivers for IFB monitoring. “Besides reblocking a couple of channels currently because the FCC keeps squeezing the available RF spectrum in New York City, I’ve only ever had to send one unit back to the factory,” he reports. “This was because I put it inside a woman’s dress, with the display facing her body, no protection around the pack, and the sweat made it into the transmitter. Other than that, in my entire 15-year career, I have not had to replace any of my Lectrosonics and I have not had any of it go down. This probably isn’t ideal for their marketing needs, but I haven’t even had to buy any new stuff since 2013!”