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RTV Noord Goes Remote

Regional public broadcaster RTV Noord in the Netherlands has commissioned a new Lawo mc²36 audio console.

Regional public broadcaster RTV Noord's new Lawo mc²36 audio console
Regional public broadcaster RTV Noord’s new Lawo mc²36 audio console.

Netherlands (February 17, 2022)—Regional public broadcaster RTV Noord in the Netherlands has commissioned a new Lawo mc²36 audio console and A__stage64 audio-over-IP node for the production of radio, TV and online content.

In the wake of its online project, kicked off two years ago, the broadcaster’s editing department voiced its desire to create streams using one-button camera and content control based on sources available on an internal network, while also being able to retrieve press conferences from the Dutch government in The Hague for radio and TV. To this end, RTV Noord purchased a Lawo Power Core IP audio I/O and DSP node equipped with Dante I/O card to include its Dante-based radio infrastructure.

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Operated via touchscreens, Lawo’s VisTool virtual radio software is used to control the Power Core for self-op programs like “From the Newsroom” as well as by editors when they prepare streams for RTV Noord’s website or Facebook channel. Daily tasks performed with VisTool involve opening and adjusting microphone channels, accessing audio feeds and more.

As RTV Noord was outgrowing its baseband audio core and mixing console, the station’s producers and presenters were asked about their future plans and expectations. Remote production scenarios via a dark-fiber link that connects the studios on the outskirts to the city center of Groningen were high on the agenda, so a 32-fader Lawo mc²36 all-in-one console was purchased. It allows audio engineers to produce complete shows from RTV Noord’s control room even though the cameras and stagebox/microphones are at the remote location. Alongside the console, RTV Noord installed a Waves SuperRack SoundGrid plug-in server for effects processing during live performances.

Among the reported reasons for choosing the mc²36 console were that the RAVENNA protocol transports any audio payload over a WAN connection and that the mc²36 provides enough audio channels to handle both incoming audio feeds and a variety of outgoing monitor signals in remote production scenarios. The mc²36 is also used for in-house assignments like RTV Noord’s daily “Noord-Vandaag” talk show.