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2002 TEC Awards Nominees Announced

The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio (Emeryville, Calif.) has announced the nominees for the 18th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards,

The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio (Emeryville, Calif.) hasannounced the nominees for the 18th Annual Technical Excellence &Creativity Awards, which honor outstanding technical and creativeachievement in professional audio recording and sound production. Theawards ceremony will be presented Monday evening, October 7, 2002, atthe Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Nominations in 24 categories comprising 17 areas of technicalachievement in product design and seven categories of creativeachievement in audio production were made by a select panel of 112audio industry professionals. Winners will be chosen by the 42,000BPA-qualified Mix subscribers who cast the ballots that will beincluded in the August issue of the magazine.

The nominated products and projects represent the greatest advancesin production/performance tools and the achievements of engineers,producers, designers and technicians who define the highest standard ofexcellence in professional audio. Notable among this year’s nomineesare the top five choices for Outstanding Record Production/Album, whichoffers a widely varied sampling of musical genres and illustrate thenominating panel’s collective ear for superior production quality overpopular preferences of style.

This year, recognition for production facility design has beenbrought back to the TEC Awards in the category of Outstanding StudioDesign Project. Honoring studio architects, acousticians and studioowners, the award recognizes those whose outstanding work is evidencedin exceptionally designed facilities completed in the nominationeligibility period of March 2001 to February 2002.

Lifetime achievement awards will go to legendary recordingengineer/producer Geoff Emerick and musician/composer Robbie Robertson.Emerick, best known for the sonic artistry he gave to the production ofmany of The Beatles’ greatest recordings, will be inducted into the TECAwards Hall of Fame. Robertson, renowned as a driving force behindseminal rock group The Band, will receive the prestigious Les PaulAward, presented each year for the creative application of music andaudio technology.

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