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A-Designs Goes Way’s Way

Los Angeles, CA (February 4, 2011)--Mixer, producer and engineer Dave Way has added products from A-Designs Audio and Pete's Place Audio to his arsenal.

Los Angeles, CA (February 4, 2011)–Mixer, producer and engineer Dave Way has added products from A-Designs Audio and Pete’s Place Audio to his arsenal.

Three-time Grammy Award-winning Way has manned the SSL 6048 console in his private Hollywood Hills studio for numerous artists over the years, including Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Macy Gray, Ringo Starr and John Doe, among many others. Recently, Way has welcomed in no less than seven products from A-Designs Audio and its sibling company, Pete’s Place Audio.

Way initially picked up the units for evaluation from A-Designs Audio president Peter Montessi. “After getting everything hooked up in my studio, I honestly fell in love with all of it. The number one thing about every single piece of gear was the sound, which, across the board, was absolutely stellar. So I called Peter up and told him that I wasn’t giving any of it back!”

That list of gear that he purchased included two A-Designs 500 Series modules–an EM-PEQ Pultec-style equalizer and EM-Blue mic pre–as well as a 500HR powered rack and RedDI tube direct box. Way also picked up two more 500 Series modules from Pete’s Place Audio–an Electrodyne 501 mic pre and BAC-500 compressor–in addition to a Blast Pad microphone filter.

Although Way predominantly hangs his hat as a mixing engineer, most of the new gear has gone into his recording chain. “For tracking, I’ve been using the EM-Blue mic pre on snare and the extra air on top sounds just fantastic. I really like the BAC-500 compressor, too. I’ve been using it on acoustic guitar and on an amp for electric bass, which Peter suggested. It has a really sweet yet aggressive grab to it. Plus, the distortion button on the module is really cool as an extra color option for some things.”

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