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A Project Flowers at Trilogy

Cascada de Flores recently recorded a radio broadcast-themed album project at San Francisco's Studio Trilogy.

Cascada de Flores at Studio Trilogy: (l-r) Saul Sierra-Alonso, bass; Steve Savage, producer/engineer; Jorge Liceaga, guitars; Arwen Lawrence, voice, guitars, dance; Brian Rice, percussion; Marco Diaz, trumpet, piano. Photo by David Goggin.
San Francisco, CA (August 7, 2013)—Cascada de Flores recently recorded a radio broadcast-themed album project at San Francisco’s Studio Trilogy.

Cascada de Flores, a fiery ensemble exploring Mexican and Caribbean music and dance, describes the album, Radio Flor, as “a musical love letter to the Golden Age of radio, when songs reigned and a melody grabbed your heart for a lifetime.”

Recording engineer Steve Savage, a mainstay of the San Francisco music scene, explains, “In keeping with the radio broadcast theme, everything was recorded live in the studio, including vocals. The result is a totally unrestrained and expressive album that captures the band at their best. I used all pencil condensers for their smooth off-axis response, except for Neumann M269s on vocals and a few dynamic mics on bongos and cajon.”

Lead singer Arwen Lawrence commented, “Our time at Trilogy was precious, the perfect setting for making this emotional music with the spontaneity that it deserves.”

Savage added, “Everything about Trilogy supports creative work—all the amenities are there, all the technical requirements are covered at the highest level, and everything works—but even more important is the warm atmosphere. The sessions were intense, but it was also a pleasure from beginning to end to be working with such wonderful musicians in an ideal studio environment.”

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