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Aberdeen University Installs iDR System

Aberdeen University (Aberdeen, Scotland) has installed Allen & Heath's new DSP audio system, iDR, to manage sound reinforcement in its chapel building.

Aberdeen University (Aberdeen, Scotland) has installed Allen &Heath’s new DSP audio system, iDR, to manage sound reinforcement in itschapel building. The system uses TCP/IP over Ethernet to connect to thenetwork, enabling the audio system to be managed from a central point,as well as remotely from any PC on the network.

University head of A/V, David Walton, chose Creative Light &Sound to install the new system. Company managing director, CharlieFleet, said, “Our brief was simple: The University needed a system thatoffered flexibility of control. The education sector infrequentlyadopts new technology, so investment needed to be in a system that wasat the cutting edge and would remain up to date. Similarly, theeducation sector contains a majority of nontechnical staff, so we alsoneeded a user-friendly system that could easily be operated byUniversity members.”

Fleet continued: “The benefit of the iDR is that it can beapproached ‘hands-off’ from a nontechnical user’s point of view. Italso provides remote access at various points in the building andoffers a profound level of flexibility, whereby audio settings indifferent areas can be automated by programmable patches using iDRSystem Manager software. For example, during one of the University’sassemblies, when the chapel is full, it may be necessary for David toincrease the amplifiers to full, but distortion is avoided because themicrophone volumes are limited as part of a patch. Furthermore,compression and EQ can all be monitored from a central point.”

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