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Ableton, M-Audio Live 3

M-Audio’s and Ableton’s Live 3 is available for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows.

M-Audio’s and Ableton’s Live 3 is available for Mac OS9, Mac OS X and Windows. Live 3 gives users control“inside” of the sample and offers sound designers andmusicians the ability to easily and flexibly animate their samples. InLive 3, changes in volume, pitch, pan, effects controls and more can bedrawn onto any section of a sample as clip envelopes, adding unlimiteddynamic musical expression to previously static samples. Live 3 alsoallows the user to create infinite variations from just one sample inreal time.

“We are very proud to release the first audio sequencer thatwill allow you to ‘get into the loop,’” said GerhardBehles, CEO and founder of Ableton AG. “As we know, making musicwith samples and loops is fast and fun. To a lot of people, though, anannoying problem has been that samples always sound the same. Live 3now ends this problem and allows you to ‘open up’ or ‘unfold’ yoursamples and work ‘from within.’ In Live 3, you will be able to revealthe millions of sounds a sample can make as you draw volume, pitch andeffect curves onto it. With Live’s new clip envelopes, an arsenal ofbuilt-in effects and all VST plug-in effects become the building blocksof a dream (re-)synthesizer.”

New features of Live 3 include clip envelopes that extendLive’s “elastic” approach to audio by allowingmusicians to achieve endless variation of a sample. Every clip in Live3 contains independent envelopes to draw pitch, volume, warping, mixerand effects parameters. The sample is processed nondestructively and inreal time. In conjunction with Live’s beat-synchronized playback andreal-time quantization, the MIDI keyboard becomes a powerful songarrangement aid. Users can improvise new melodies over vocal phrases orspoken passages, or play variations of an instrumental solo on-the-fly,and capture it the Arrangement for further editing; also new is aLegato Mode. Live 3 has a new Consolidate command that turns each trackwithin a selected time range of the arrangement into a new clip that isready to be looped or dragged into the Session View for instant use.New Effects include Resonators, Compressor II, EQ Three, Utility. TheInsert Captured Scene command captures all running clips as a newSession View scene. The Quantization menus now include triplet-notevalues; the global Quantization setting includes values greater thanone bar. Users can view multiple VST plug-in editor windows; new VSTplug-in program and bank handling; Mach-O VST plug-in support for MacOS X. Recording improvements include automatic handling of audio inputmonitoring; automatic thinning of recorded automation data. New clipsettings and features include clips can individually be set to playfrom RAM instead of from disk; dropping a sample from the File Browsersonto the Clip View replaces the clip’s sample, while retaining allother clip settings; increased ranges for clip volume andtransposition; Session View clips keep playing when dragged to otherclip slots; and all clip Launch Modes are now available for thecomputer keyboard.

Live 3 has a U.S. MSRP of $399 (MSRP) and is available now. Upgradesfrom previous Live versions will be available online at from Live 2 are $69 for the download version and $99 for theboxed version. Upgrades from Live 1 are $99 for the download versionand $129 for the boxed version. Users that buy Live 2 for the firsttime after August 1, 2003, will be eligible to receive a free upgradeto Live 3.

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