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Music Production

Adding Gear Deep Inside the Bunker

Transitioning from a private to commercial studio, The Bunker bulks up its equipment offerings.

Cambridge, UK (June 4, 2018)—Perhaps best-known as a drummer and percussionist, Ralph Salmins is a member of The Waterboys, but he’s also a studio owner, having built The Bunker just outside London in Welwyn Garden City in 1995, primarily as a recording and producing space for himself. However, in recent months he has been joined by recording engineer Haydn Bendall.

“I play drums on Haydn’s productions—and have done for many years—and he often records for my projects, too,” Salmins explains. “He’s around a lot of the time, recording and mixing various artists and projects of his own.”

Izmajlov Takes Atlas on His Travels

Recent projects worked on at the facility include Elvis Symphonic, Beach Boys Symphonic, Georgie Fame, Audio Network and the Peaky Blinders soundtrack.

According to Salmins, “We have great vintage drums, piano and vintage keyboards ready to go in a relaxed wonderful-sounding environment. We do lots of rhythm section recording as well as brass and vocals and small string sections. The signal path of the 1976 Harrison 2824 console, Vintage Neve, API and DW Fearn mic pres go through the Prism Sound converters, which gives us beautiful results.

Salmins and Bendall each contributed their own Prism Sound ADA-8XR multichannel audio converters to the space. “I chose this converter because it offers the most amazing sound—something that, in my view, is unsurpassed by anything else,” explains Salmins, whose ADA-8XR includes an MDIO-HDX card.

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“The plug and play integration with my Pro Tools system is fantastic. It really is a very easy-to-use unit that offers exception audio quality.” Salmins adds that the unit is now permanently connected to the studio’s Pro Tools system and is used on everything recorded there.

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