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AES 2003: Architectural Acoustics Back Box for Impulse 2414

The new steel back box for the Impulse 2414 stairstep loudspeaker enclosure

The new steel back box for the Impulse 2414 stairstep loudspeakerenclosure allows contractors to install the back box prior to theconcrete pour (in stadiums and large churches) or before the stairs orwalls are closed up and return later to install the speaker.

Multiple knockouts on the top, bottom and sides of the back boxallow for easy and flexible signal cable routing. Additionally, the boxis designed with added rear depth for the installation of a transformerfor 70-volt or 100-volt applications. The box is constructed of zincchromate-coated steel to reduce the possibility of rust in outdoorenvironments or when exposed to the corrosive chemicals in wetconcrete. The Impulse 2414 loudspeaker mounts into the front of theback box.

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