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AES 2003: Architectural Acoustics PZS 140RA Mixer/Amplifier

The new PZS 140RA is a full-featured matrix mixer with integral 35-watt power amplifiers.

The new PZS 140RA is a full-featured matrix mixer with integral35-watt power amplifiers. Its 5-input/4-output architecture issupported by a full mix matrix, front-panel zone assign switches, inputlevel and EQ controls, and a new remote-control interface. Using thenew Digitool 4S four-button, flush-mount control panel, the PZS140RA’s matrix cross points can be configured for either“input to zone” (source select) or “zone frominput” (zone select) operation. Multiple controls can beconnected via the mixer’s CAT5 serial data bus. LED indicators oneach input section mirror changes made by the remote control.

For installation, each input channel includes microphone andline-level inputs terminated on removable Euro connectors. Inputchannels 1 and 2 also include low-Z XLR connectors to easily terminatemicrophones used in paging applications. These inputs feature recessedfront-panel controls for level, threshold and paging hold time.Channels 3, 4 and 5 also include dual rear-panel RCA connectors foreasy termination of stereo sources. The PZS 140RA’s four outputsinclude front-panel master level controls, signal presence and clippingLED indicators. The rear panel features removable Euro connectors forterminating preamp and power amp I/O connections. The line-leveloutputs are 600-ohm balanced, and the power amplifier section for eachoutput includes transformer-coupled 70-volt, 24-volt and 8-ohm outputs.In addition, a direct-coupled, 4-ohm output is provided. All poweramplifier outputs are 35 watts.

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