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AES 2003: Bag End Low-Profile D18E-AD, D12E-DA Loudspeaker Systems

Bag End’s two new loudspeaker systems, the D18E-AD (suggested retail: $2,352) and the D12E-DA

Bag End’s two new loudspeaker systems, the D18E-AD (suggestedretail: $2,352) and the D12E-DA ($1,176; pictured), retain the samespecifications—other than height—as the D18E-I and D12E-I,respectively.

The D18E-AD is only 15 inches high (126 pounds) and the D12E-DA (90pounds) is just nine inches. Specifications for the D18E-AD enclosureinclude two 18-inch INFRA cones and 3-inch voice coil drives; impedanceof 4 ohms nominal; power handling of 800 watts continuous (sine wave)and 800 watts instantaneous (peak); frequency response of 8 Hz to 95 Hz+-3 dB; sensitivity of 100 dB SPL @ 80 Hz (1W @ 1 m); and connectorsinclude cinch 142 screw terminal and barrier strip. Specifications forD12E-DA enclosure are the same as the D18E-AD, except that it includestwo 12-inch INRA cones; the same and power handling as the D18E-AD.

In other company news, although Bag End Loudspeaker Systems hasoffered its cabinets in a variety of custom finishes, black was thepredominant color. Now, the company is offering the majority of itsline of loudspeaker systems in white, as well as black, at no extracost.

“We have been manufacturing white cabinets for years as a customoption at a small additional cost,” said James P. Wischmeyer,president of Bag End Loudspeaker Systems. “But the demand for whitecabinets has gotten so strong that we reached the decision that it justmade sense to offer white as a standard option. It may seem like asimple thing, but the modification of our production process required aconsiderable amount of planning and implementation.”

The company still offers all of its products in the basic finishesof black-textured catalyzed urethane finish or carpet, as well ascontinue to offer a number of optional custom finishes, including rawwood, hand-rubbed oiled birch and a variety of fine woods.

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