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AKG K 301 XTRA Headphones

AKG Acoustics introduced its new K 301 XTRA at AES 2003. The K 301 XTRA is a semi-open, large-diaphragm headphone

AKG Acoustics introduced its new K 301 XTRA at AES 2003. The K 301XTRA is a semi-open, large-diaphragm headphone that providesaudiophile-grade sound due to technology developed by AKG’sacoustics engineers.

The K 301 XTRA offers significant improvements in sonic performanceover its predecessor, the K 301, due in large part to AKG’spatented VariMotion XXL transducer. The VariMotion XXL transducersdeliver high-sensitivity, low-impedance and high unit-to-unitperformance. In addition, the K 301 XTRA provides deep bass,transparent mids and extremely well-defined highs. Its frequencyresponse is 18 Hz to 26 kHz, its sensitivity 102 dB and its outputimpedance is 55 ohms. The K 301 XTRA can be used in professionalstudios and in high-quality home-entertainment systems. With thishigher sensitivity and lower impedance, it can be used with low-outputaudio devices like CD players, computers and MP3 players.

The K 301 XTRA headphones have the same ruggedness and comfortablefit as other AKG headphones. The self-adjusting leather headband takesthe weight of the headphones off the user’s ears and thecircumaural, semi-open ear cup design ensures a comfortable fit. Theear pads are easy to replace and washable. The steel-frame constructionis highly durable and stands up to years of fine listening. Otherfeatures include a single-sided, oxygen-free cable for excellent audioquality and a hard gold-plated mini jack with screw-on 1-inchadapter.

The K 301 XTRA comes with a SRP of $130. For more, visit Formore product announcements, visit