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Alcons Audio Ships New Line Array

After extensive beta testing during the past few months and the presentation of “the Ribbon” line array at the PLASA show in London, Alcons Audio is now shipping the first product of its L-Series product range: the LR16.

After extensive beta testing during the past few months and thepresentation of “the Ribbon” line array at the PLASA showin London, Alcons Audio is now shipping the first product of itsL-Series product range: the LR16.

The LR16 is an active, two-way line-source loudspeaker system to beused in vertical arrays, either in stacked or flown configuration. Thecompact and flexible design makes it the ideal system for small- tomedium-sized applications; With a maximum SPL of 135 dB per unit, theLR16 is also suitable for larger applications when used in extendedarrays.

The Ribbon system can be scaled from (part of) a large-scalelong-throw arena system to an ultracompact single-cabinet system bychanging four bolts of the unique revolvable wave guide.

For HF reproduction, the LR16 comes with the Alcons RBN601 ribbondriver. The 1,000W peak power handling offers real digital dynamicwithout any strain or threshold. Mounted on the “Morpher”wave guide, a frontal radiation of as high as 95 percent is reached,offering even and “spikeless” dispersion with seamlesscoverage.

The frequencies below 1,200 Hz are taken care of by two low-powercompression 8-inch mid-bass drivers, making the system real full-rangein most applications with its lowest usable frequency being 55 Hz. Anewly developed mid-tapering lens in front of the cone drivers createssmooth off-axis response without any lobes. With the unique real90-degree dispersion of the RBN601, the system has true 90-degreecoverage beyond 20 kHz.

The integrated heavy-duty flying system doesn’t have anyseparate/loose parts and is certified to a safety rating of 14:1 (12units). With the two-side usable bumper, the system can easily beground-stacked. The Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC) software calculatespositions in 15 steps of 0.7 degrees.

For full-system performance, the LR16 can be used in combinationwith an ALC2 or ALC4 amplifier/controller. Driven by the ALC, the LR16delivers maximum sound quality with inaudible (power and excursion)protection by means of SDP processing modules.

A complete Ribbon line array system comprises LR16 cabinets, ALCcontroller amps in racks, flying hardware, aiming software anddedicated transport cases.

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