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Alesis Adds to ProLinear Family

Building on its ProLinear 720DSP, Alesis introduces its larger ProLinear 820DSP digital monitor.

Building on its ProLinear 720DSP, Alesis introduces its largerProLinear 820DSP digital monitor.

By employing a digital crossover in its 80/40-watt, bi-amplifieddesign, high- and low-frequency ranges are channeled to the woofer andtweeter with maximum efficiency and time alignment, as well as minimumphase distortion. Each 820DSP monitor incorporates digital parametricequalization, adjustable via a built-in LCD and editing controls, orfrom a computer (via included software) for control of up to 16ProLinear 820DSPs. This allows precise monitor tuning and the abilityto store settings for different listening environments or monitorplacements. Sixteen programs allow storage of user settings, as well asemulation of alternative monitor types.

Alesis chairman John E. “Jack” O’Donnell said, “In aworld where the word ‘digital’ is used in all sorts ofplaces, this is one instance where digital truly does signify greatbenefit to a traditionally analog product. With a brick-wall digitalcrossover, the ProLinear 820DSP and 720DSP monitors are incrediblyaccurate, and their ability to control and store equalization settingsis a very powerful tool.”

Also available are two non-DSP models: the ProLinear 820 and 720monitors. These offer the same drivers and amplifiers as their DSPcounterparts, without the added cost of digital components. BothProLinear 820 models feature an 8-inch Kevlar woofer, as compared withthe 7-inch woofer of the ProLinear 720 models. The 820 models have moresensitive drivers, providing improved bass frequency response, as wellas higher sound-pressure levels.

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