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Allen & Heath Expands IDR DSP System Product Range

Allen & Heath will be introducing iDR-4 to complement the iDR family of installed and live sound systems.

Allen & Heath will be introducing iDR-4 to complement the iDRfamily of installed and live sound systems. Based on the sametechnology as the iDR-8 system, iDR-4 is a 4-input, 4-output digitalprocessor with additional 2-input, 2-output, dual-function monitorchannels.

There will also be three new products in the accompanying series ofPL remote-controller panels. PL-7 is a stand-alone or surface-mountedLCD panel, which, using the PL-Anet interface on CAT-5 cable andconnectors, enables remote display of status information and textmessages that can be stored in the recallable memory settings. The PL-7can be embedded with PL-3 or PL-4 wall plates, thus allowingprogrammable control from a single unit.

PL-8 is a 4-input, 4-output logic control panel mounted on a wallplate that can be connected to PL-Anet. It is designed to interfaceexternal systems such as alarm systems, jukeboxes, screens andlights.

The PL-9 hub is a 1U-rack- or desk-mount unit that provides up toseven individual connections to chains of PL devices, simplifyingwiring and eliminating the need for complex daisy-chaining. This alsoallows for longer cable runs and easier “plug and play” ofdevices such as the PL-6.

Allen & Heath has additionally launched the latest version ofthe Windows-based iDR Software Manager that configures iDR hardwarecomponents into an integrated audio distribution system. Version 3.3has been developed to support the new iDR-4 signal processor and PL-9″hub” unit.

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