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Allen & Heath Launch New DJ Mixer

A collaboration with cutting-edge artists, Allen & Heath's new Xone:92 is a 6-channel (four phone or line with two mono/mic or stereo returns) mixer

A collaboration with cutting-edge artists, Allen & Heath’s newXone:92 is a 6-channel (four phone or line with two mono/mic or stereoreturns) mixer that will be available in either rotary or linearVoltage-Controlled Amplifier (VCA) fader options.

With more DJs now incorporating live elements and digital effects totheir performances, one new feature, a MIDI controller output, offersusers the ability to manipulate virtually any piece of outboard MIDIequipment from controls on the mixer surface. For additional soundmanipulation, the Xone:92 also incorporates two LFOs with a tap-tempofeature and two independent filter systems. LFO depth, filter resonanceand frequency can be adjusted. Channels can be assigned to either ofthe two filters, and the VCF controls can be linked together for thesimultaneous manipulation of both filters. Each filter can also becontrolled by the crossfader with the LFOs still interacting.

The Xone:92 also features a new 4-band +6dB EQ with infinite cut onHF and LF and -30 dB available on both hi- and lo-mids. The mid-EQprovides a wide cut but narrow boost to prevent cumulative gain withall controls at maximum. Furthermore, VCA faders and filters are usedthroughout, so that no audio signals pass directly through the faders.As a result, there is no risk of the sound being degraded by worncomponents.

Other features include an active crossfader, which can be variedusing a rotary control from smooth to scratch mix; two headphoneoutputs, 1/4-inch and 3.5mm jack; two auxiliary sends with selectablepre/post-fader and crossfader; extensive channel output and cuemetering; an intelligent cue system allowing pre- or post-EQmonitoring; and a talkover facility on mono/mic channel that attenuatesmusic by 20 dB.

The Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer will be available in February2004. Further information about the mixer and its features can be foundat