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Allen & Heath ML Series VCA Consoles

Allen & Heath's (NSCA booth 2322) ML Series of VCA live sound mixing desks has been further extended with new “B” Option models

Allen & Heath’s (NSCA booth 2322) ML Series of VCA live soundmixing desks has been further extended with new “B” Optionmodels, offering an increased stereo input channel count, and a48-mono/2-stereo input configuration frame to the existing 24+2, 32+2and 40+2 input frame options.

Additional stereo option models of the ML4000 and ML3000 (pictured)have also been introduced. The new B Option for each console in the MLSeries now offers an additional four or eight stereo channels, fittedin place of mono input modules, to handle multistereo sourceapplications. In addition to the standard input module count, twodual-stereo channels providing mixable A and B inputs with gain, 4-bandEQ, and mono summing are also fitted as standard in every ML Seriesconsole.

The dual-function ML Series offers full functionality atfront-of-house or monitor position. GRP/Aux Mode switches allowengineers to reverse the group fader and aux rotary master sections toprovide a combination of aux sends and audio subgroups on fader masterswith inserts and full metering.

Additional features include four or eight audio groups; eight VCAgroups; eight mute groups; 8×4, 11×4 or 12×8 matrix fed from thegroups, LR&C and external input on rotary controls; and LCRpluspanning, allowing any signal positioning across the C and LR buses. TheML5000 and ML4000 include 4-band EQ and HPF “Responsive”feel with separate controls for sweep and cut/boost, plus Q onmidrange. The swept HPF covers 20 to 400 Hz.

Show automation supports up to 128 snapshot memories of VCAassignment/mute “scenes,” which can be up/downloaded viaMIDI/RS232 to Archiver software. In the master section, the engineer’stoolbox includes phones, wedge and local monitor controls; talkback toall outputs; -20dB dim when TB active; PFL trim control; pink noise andoscillator; balanced direct outs on channels; 2TRK; and LR&Cmonitor selection with mono check.

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