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Allen & Heath PA Series Stereo Live Mixing Consoles

Allen & Heath's PA12, PA20 (shown) and PA28 mixers are unpowered versions of the company's PA-CP

Allen & Heath’s PA12, PA20 (shown) and PA28 mixers are unpoweredversions of the company’s PA-CP (Constant Power) models, which werelaunched earlier in 2003.

The main features of the unpowered PA Series include a new padlesspreamp, internal and editable digital FX, S/PDIF output and parametricoutput EQ. Rackmountable or stand-alone, the PA12 has eight mono andtwo stereo channels. The PA20 has 16 mono plus two dual-stereochannels, giving a channel count of 20 inputs, while the PA28 has 24mono and the same stereo channel configuration.

PA Series mono channels feature an XLR input with individual +48Vphantom power and a TRS jack input that feed a new two-stage padlesspreamp, which directs line sources to the second stage for improvedmatching and performance. The EQ is a specially designed 4-band-typewith shelving LF and HF, a fixed LM band at 250 Hz and a swept HM. The4-band semiparametric EQ is also available on the main outputs.

Four auxiliary sends are included, with two pre-fade sends forfoldback, one post-fade for internal digital FX or external effects andanother post-fade for additional effects or special feeds. Mute and PFLswitches with LEDs, peak metering and a 100mm fader are also provided.Also included are integral editable digital FX, 12-segment LED meters,XLR lamp socket and background music facility.

The consoles provide a main output with 100mm fader, mute switch andLED on TRS jacks, plus a mono sum output with level control that can beswitched to subwoofer mode. Pre/post-fader analog and digital recordingoutputs are provided on RCA phono and S/PDIF connectors.

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