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Allen & Heath Third Generation of MixWizard Range

Allen & Heath’s next generation of its MixWizard range of multipurpose compact consoles, the WZ312:2, WZ314:4:2 and WZ316:2

Allen & Heath’s next generation of its MixWizard range ofmultipurpose compact consoles, the WZ312:2, WZ314:4:2 and WZ316:2(shown) mixers, offer a new mic preamp design, advanced groundingscheme, individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators,lamp sockets and backup supply capability.

The new WZ316:2 and WZ312:2 feature a dedicated mono output faderwith mode for control of aux fed subs, while the WZ314:4:2 builds onthe company’s dual functionality and boasts a 6×2 matrix.

All models now offer internal configuration options for channel auxsends, and direct outputs are now on pluggable jumpers.

Allen & Heath is also launching the LEDlamp, an 18-inch, 4-pinXLR gooseneck console lamp containing a built-in thumbwheel dimmer. Thelamp replaces traditional filament console lamps with more cool whitelight, lower heat discharge and less current draw. The lamp iscompatible with all ML Series, PA Series, GL4000 desks and the newMixWizard3 range.

For more information on the WZ312:2, WZ314:42 andWZ316:2, visit,,respectively.

In other company news, Allen & Heath has launched the latestversion of the Windows-based iDR Software Manager that configureshardware components into an integrated audio distribution system.

Version 3.4 has custom serial port settings and strings, which allowthe iDR system to communicate with a wide variety of third-partyequipment, such as CD and DVD players, software programs andalarm/lighting systems. The new software also allows more PLremote-control devices to be connected, and uses chain/starconfigurations, which reduces the need for extensive wiring.

The number of automated, programmable presets has been increased to250, providing more complex and flexible installations to be designed.It is also possible to gain universal management of larger systemsinvolving a chain of iDR unit systems, as the software has beendeveloped with bi-directional control between each unit group fader.More accurate management has also been enabled through the logging ofsignificant events such as PL device connection or disconnection; logsare automatically generated and e-mailed to the operator.

Other new features include ambient noise compensators, in whichoutput levels can be automatically adjusted to cater to differences inbackground noise, and an increased number of auto mic mixers.

A free trial download of Version 3.4 is available at For more new soundreinforcement products, visit