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Allen & Heath Xone:92/Xone:V6

Allen & Heath’s (NSCA (booth 2322) Xone:92 is a 4-channel, 8-input mixer with two stereo returns/mono mic channels

Allen & Heath’s (NSCA (booth 2322) Xone:92 is a 4-channel,8-input mixer with two stereo returns/mono mic channels thatincorporates a MIDI output, in which DJs can manipulate virtually anypiece of outboard MIDI equipment from the voltage-controlled faders andfilters on the mixer surface.

For additional sound manipulation, Xone:92 incorporates two LFOswith a tap-tempo feature and two independent filter systems; LFO depth,filter resonance and frequency can be adjusted. Channels can beassigned to either filter, and the voltage-controlled filter controlscan be linked for simultaneous manipulation of both filters. Eachfilter can also be controlled by the crossfader with the LFOs stillinteracting.

Xone:92 also features a new 4-band +6dB EQ with infinite cut on HFand LF and –30 dB available on both hi- and lo-mids. Mid-EQprovides a wide cut but narrow boost to prevent cumulative gain withall controls at maximum.

Allen & Heath will also be showing additional options to itsXone:V6 audiophile rotary club mixer, including the recently launchedvalve option card and two add-on modules: the EQ Isolator and the V6crossfader unit.

The EQ module is a dual, 3-band stereo isolator to provide variableattenuation of low, mid and high frequencies. Any two channels may beassigned to the filters simultaneously, allowing two tracks to beseamlessly blended or montaged. The module, a 1U rackunit with sixstereo inputs/outputs, connects to the Xone:V6 channel insert pointsand shares the V6 power supply.

The Crossfader rack module adds crossfading capability, allowing theuser to select any input to either side of the crossfader whenrequired. Utilizing a Penny&Giles conductive-plastic crossfader andhigh-performance VCAs, the module interfaces with the Xone:V6 viachannel insert points.

Further information on all these additions to the range can be foundon the company’s Website, For more newsound reinforcement products, visit