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The Ambassador Turns To Soundcraft

The 40-channel Soundcraft K2 and SM12 consoles were recently installed at The Ambassador, a large live performance venue built into a former bowling alley

The 40-channel Soundcraft K2 and SM12 consoles were recentlyinstalled at The Ambassador, a large live performance venue built intoa former bowling alley in a northern St. Louis suburb shopping center.Local dealer Sound & Lighting Systems provided the sale.

The 1,200-capacity venue, which is owned by international cateringbusiness entrepreneur Craig Spruill, specializes in hosting prominentR&B, funk and blues artists from the ’60s, ’70s and’80s, including recent performers like The Barkays, Dazz Band andShirley Brown.

Randy Anderson and Dimitrius Blanton of St. Louis-based PicturePerfect Sound are called upon to run The Ambassador’s system formost concerts. Anderson, who primarily mixes FOH, noted, “TheK2’s eight stereo effects returns–four on faders and fouron pots–give me a lot of flexibility and make the board feel evenlarger than its 40-channel frame size. Really, for quality and featuresversus cost, Soundcraft boards can’t be beat, and the K2 is agood example of that.”

Blanton, who typically mans the monitor rig, adds, “TheSM12’s noise floor is really low, and the completely activeparametric EQ on each channel is wonderful for monitors. I also lovethe LEDs on each input strip as well as the console’s mutegroups. And, like the K2, the club really appreciated its affordableprice.”

The K2 is set up in a traditional FOH position along with theclub’s lighting controls, while the SM12 is located “stageright.” The two desks are part of a system-wide upgrade that will soonalso include Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers driving proprietarycustom-built Sound & Lighting Systems cabinets utilizing JBLcomponents.

For more on these consoles, visit Soundcraft online at