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American Music & Sound Adds KV2 Audio to Distributed Brands

At the NSCA Expo 2004, Lynn Martin, president of American Music & Sound (AM&S), announced the addition of KV2 Audio installed and portable live sound

At the NSCA Expo 2004, Lynn Martin, president of American Music& Sound (AM&S), announced the addition of KV2 Audio installedand portable live sound loudspeaker systems to its roster ofdistributed products for the United States. KV2 Audio produces thecompact, modular ES Series and EX Series of loudspeaker systems.

Headed up by George Krampera and Marcelo Vercelli—the “K” and”V” of the company name—KV2 Audio’s designers manufacturerhigh-quality active loudspeaker systems including the RCF™, ARTSeries, the Fussion™3000/1800 and numerous Mackie speakerdesigns. The team additionally brings more than 30 years’experience designing rugged, high-performance, high-current power ampsto the new brand.

“We are very excited to be able to address the needs of our dealersand their customers for high-quality performance loudspeaker systems,”said Martin. “George and Marcelo have been pioneers in the field ofactive, small-venue loudspeaker technology for many years, and have nowbrought next-generation designs to market in an innovative, easy-to-uselive sound system. It gives us great pleasure to be able to add thisoutstanding speaker technology to a product line that already includesAllen & Heath’s industry-leading live sound mixing consoles.”

KV2’s Vercelli said, “We think it’s a great opportunity for bothcompanies. To team up with AM&S and the brands that they distributecurrently makes a lot of sense for both of us. The guys within thedistribution company see the value in our brand and certainly respectthe pedigree, the technologies and solutions that we bring to thetable. And we feel that we’ve teamed-up with a bunch of guys whounderstand the marketplace, the dealers and end-users as well asanybody else.”

American Music & Sound also distributes Mark Bass amplificationand Walden Guitars. For more information on American Music & Sound,contact Martin at [email protected].For more information on KV2, visit