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Apex’s Intelli-X—a 24-bit/48kHz, single-rackspace, 4-input, 8-output equalizer and loudspeaker-management system—provides all of the processing required

Apex’s Intelli-X—a 24-bit/48kHz, single-rackspace, 4-input, 8-output equalizer and loudspeaker-management system—provides all of the processing required between the mixer outputs and the amplifier inputs. Designed to handle all live and installed sound applications, Intelli-X can be networked and features extensive parametric and graphic EQ, filtering, delay, and output limiting options simultaneously on all outputs, with flexible crossover and matrix configurations.

Freely configurable routing allows Intelli-X users to assign any single input, or any mix of the four inputs, to each of the eight outputs, and to configure it for a comprehensive selection of different crossover applications. The flexible matrix routing allows true stereo two/three/four-way systems to be set up for FOH applications; for monitor applications, Intelli-X can drive up to four two-way systems. Unused inputs and outputs can be accessed to provide processing for other applications, such as delay speakers.

Offering a wide-ranging menu of adjustable crossovers, graphic and parametric EQs, and delays, with output limiters for speaker protection, Intelli-X supports the simultaneous use of no less than 256 EQ filters. All inputs and outputs may simultaneously be configured with extensive processing, without the need to allocate DSP.

Each of the four inputs can simultaneously feature adjustable delay up to 0.5 seconds, a 30-band graphic EQ, an 8-band parametric EQ, two shelving EQs and 24-bit digital gain control. Input connections are provided for four analog and two AES/EBU input channels with sample-rate converter.

Each of the eight outputs can additionally each simultaneously feature delay up to 0.5 seconds; an 8-band parametric EQ; two shelving EQs; a limiter with adjustable threshold and slow, medium and fast attack presets; and phase reversal from 0° to 180°. High- and lowpass filters are provided for the frequency crossover functions. The selection includes Butterworth- and Bessel-type filters, with eight switchable slopes and Linkwitz-Riley filters with four selectable slopes. Analog gain control and 24-bit D/A converters are included.

Front-panel controls and a graphic display provide access to parameters, presets and editing functions. Ten-segment LED VU meters for all inputs and outputs and easily accessed USB and RS 232 ports are also located on the front panel.

The Apex Intelli-X allows the user to store and recall up to 40 presets. Presets can be imported into and exported out of the unit. Various protected security levels prevent unwanted alteration of the settings. A Guest Mixer function allows house (system) and show (engineer) EQ settings to be treated separately.

Multiple Apex Intelli-X Equalizer and Speaker-Management System can be networked together and integrated with the Apex Intelli-Q Real-Time System Optimizer. Windows-based Intelli-Q-Ware and Intelli-X-Ware remote-control software, in combination with the Apex RJ 45 serial bus, allows for control of up to 16 combinations of Intelli-Qs and Intelli-Xs from the same PC. Software and firmware updates are available online.

The Apex Intelli-X Equalizer and Speaker-Management System can optionally be used with Intelli-Sense in speaker-protection systems. The 1U add-on continuously monitors the true RMS power delivered to the speakers and adjusts the Intelli-X’s internal limiters to prevent thermal failure of the speaker system.

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