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Apogee AD-16X, DA-16X

Apogee Electronics Corporation unveiled its new X Series converters, the AD-16X (pictured) and DA-16X,

Apogee Electronics Corporation unveiled its new X Series converters,the AD-16X (pictured) and DA-16X, which offer standard sampling ratesup to 192 kHz, premium Apogee conversion, option cards that connectboth units directly to Pro Tools|HD and FireWire devices and the C777clocking technology found in the Big Ben master clock.

The AD-16X and DA-16X offer Apogee’s SoftLimit and UV22HR, inaddition to the C777 clocking technology, which uses an al-digitalprocess to stable clock signals that results in undetectable jitter andan enhancement to the sound quality. Also new to the X Series units isApogee’s redesigned power supply scheme. The new power system of theAD-16X and DA-16X incorporates a specially design Synchronous Switchingpower supply that works in conjunction with the C777 clock and Apogee’sfiltering technology to provide superior transient response, low heatand noise performance.

Features of the AD-16X include16 channels of 24-bit A/D conversion;AES, ADAT/SMUX Output; word clock I/O; compatibility with theX-FireWire and X-HD Expansion cards; and an optional Pro Tools|HDexpansion card. The DA-16X offers these features, but adds an optionalS800 FireWire expansion card.

Both products are expected to be available in March 2004. For moreinformation on the AD-16X and DA-16X, visit and,respectively. For more new product announcements, visit