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Apogee Fixed Installation Series

Apogee Sound International has added five new models to the Apogee Fixed Installation (AFI) Series of processor-optional loudspeakers. Like the original

Apogee Sound International has added five new models to the ApogeeFixed Installation (AFI) Series of processor-optional loudspeakers.Like the original five models, the new models—the AFI-1, AFI-2,AFI-110, AFI-115 and AFI-205—are cost-effective, high-performanceloudspeakers.

“The AFI-205 is designed for applications that do not allowfor placement of separate subwoofers,” said Apogee director ofengineering Barry Grzebik. “Because the Apogee AFI-205 does notrequire a separate subwoofer, it’s an ideal single-productsolution for restaurants, bars, retail spaces or any application wherespace is restricted.”

A 10-inch (254mm) internal woofer allows the AFI-205 to providefull, rich low-frequency response, down to 44 Hz. A control on theunit’s rear adjusts the overall level of the low frequencies foroptimum balance in free-field or half-space (wall-mount) applications.The AFI-205 driver complement also features dual Apogee 5.25-inch(134mm) mid-frequency drivers, and dual Apogee 1-inch (25mm) anodizedaluminum dome tweeters.

The other AFI Series additions include the AFI-1, which is designedfor corporate boardrooms, speech reinforcement in houses of worship,and background music in restaurants and bars, offers a compact,powerful loudspeaker with an 8-inch (203mm) low-frequency driver and a1-inch (25mm) tweeter.

The AFI-2, with its carefully arranged dual 8-inch (203mm) woofersthat extend vertical pattern control down to 500 Hz, is ideal forsmaller spaces with poor acoustics and for use as the main speaker inmid-sized houses of worship, auditoriums and meeting rooms. The AFI-2also offers 118dB SPL.

The AFI-110 Subwoofer is a 10-inch (254mm) bandpass subwoofer thatprovides dual voice coils, which allow a single unit to produce leftand right low-frequency signals. The AFI-115 Subwoofer is a powerful15-inch (381mm) front-loaded subwoofer for larger installations.

Other AFI Series models include the AFI-3, a versatile 10-inch(254mm) woofer/1.75-inch (44.5mm) tweeter loudspeaker with choice of a60ºx45º or a 90ºx45º HF horn. The AFI-4 is a12-inch (305mm)/1-inch (25mm) loudspeaker, available in single-amped orbi-amped versions, and can be ordered with a 60ºx45º or a90ºx45º rotatable high-frequency horn. The AFI-4M is a12-inch (305mm)/1.75-inch (44.5mm) multi-angle stage monitor that isavailable in passive or bi-amped versions, and a choice of a60ºx45º or a 90ºx45º rotatable high0frequency horn.The AFI-8 is a 15-inch (381 mm)/2-inch (51mm) loudspeaker system,available in single-amped or bi-amped versions, and with choice of60ºx40º or a 90ºx40º HF horn. Finally, the AFI-118is a high-powered, low-distortion subwoofer using a proprietary 18-inch(457mm) cone driver.

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