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Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare

Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst NightmareWarner Bros.

If there was any doubt that punk is alive and well, despite the surplus of pop stars streaming out of American Idol, one only needs to spin Arctic Monkeys’ sophomore release, Favourite Worst Nightmare, a blistering 12-track release that is infused with the best of what British punk has to offer. The Arctic Monkeys’ debut focused mostly on pop-ish tunes, but Nightmare rocks with offbeat tempos, heavy drums and clever lyrics. It’s quite evident that the band had a blast in the studio, this time staying true to their UK roots recording at numerous studios in London proper with new producers James Ford and Mike Crossey (Jim Abbiss worked the debut). Also new this time out is bassist Nick O’Malley, who replaced Andy Nicholson, but the bandmembers are comfortable with each other’s playing style and the album benefits from that, with each element sitting cleanly side-by-side.

LISTEN: Must Play
This House Is a Circus.mp3

Producers: James Ford, Mike Crossey. ). Mixers: Alan Moulder, Crossey, Ford. Studios: Miloco Garden, Eastcote Studios, Motor Museum and Konk Studios, Assault and Battery. Mastering: George Marino/Sterling Sound (New York, N.Y.).

—Sarah Benzuly