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Ashly Audio DLM-821 Stereo Ducking Line Mixer

Ashly Audio’s new DLM-821 Stereo Ducking Line Mixer is designed for permanent installations

Ashly Audio’s new DLM-821 Stereo Ducking Line Mixer isdesigned for permanent installations that use multiple microphones orstereo line-level sources, such as restaurants, boardrooms, nightclubs, health clubs, houses of worship, sports bars or insingle/dual-zone applications.

The DLM-821 is housed in an all-steel, 1RU chassis and usesEuroblock connectors for all audio connections. There are eight stereoinputs; the first four channels are selectable to accept mic orline-levels. Eighteen-volt phantom power is available on the micinputs. Channels 1 and 2 are used for ducking inputs that duck theoutputs of channels 3 through 8. Internal switching allows the user setthe ducking depth and trigger threshold.

Features include eight stereo or 16 mono inputs, balanced inputs andoutputs, ducking-enable switch, internally selectable for priorityducking override for channel 1, internal depth select switch for–20 dB or-90 dB, threshold trigger select of –20 or–40 dBu, individual left/right/mono outputs, selectablemic/line-level mono output, L and R level meters with clip indicators,individual channel mute switches, stereo output mute switch, stereoheadphone output with level control and a rear panel power switch.

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