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Ashly Introduces SRA-120 Power Amplifier

The single-rackspace SRA-120 (10 inches deep, weighs 20 pounds) professional stereo amplifier is suitable for full-range applications

The single-rackspace SRA-120 (10 inches deep, weighs 20 pounds)professional stereo amplifier is suitable for full-range applications,such as small control room monitor systems or as a headphonedistribution amp, as well as driving the high end of a bi-amplificationsound system setup.

The amplifier will deliver 60 watts per channel into 4 ohms stereo;45 watts per channel into 8 ohms stereo; or 120 watts total into 8 ohmsmono-bridged. The amplifier design is based on Class-A voltageamplifier stages with a complementary bipolar output section for lowdistortion and excellent overload behavior. Features include turn-ondelay circuitry and instantaneous turn off to eliminate any transientsto the speaker. Each channel will also independently turn off itsoutput if an overheated condition occurs.

The SRA-120 features rear panel switches to select between twochoices of input sensitivity, stereo or mono operation, or normal orbridged mode. Rear panel input connections may be made via 1/4-inchbalanced phone jacks or barrier strips with ground lift provision.Level attenuators for each channel are provided on the front panel,along with a stereo headphone jack. Status LEDs on each channel includesignal present, clip alert and “protect-mode” indication.

In other company news, Ashly Audio, an Inconcert platinum-levelpartner with AMX Corporation, announced that the Protea Series DigitalProcessors and he VCM-88 are now AMX NetLinx-compatible. NetLinxmodules for the 4.24C Digital Crossover/Equalizer/System Processor;4.24D Distribution System Processor; 4.24G, 4.24GS and 2.24GS GraphicEqualizer/System Processor; 4.24PS and 2.24PS ParametricEqualizer/System Processor; and the VCM-88 VCA Matrixing LevelController are now available for download from the AMX Website.

Jim Stachowski, director of marketing for Ashly Audio, stated, “Ourdealers, integrators and installers demanded our products to beAMX-controllable and we responded to their needs. By making our digitalprocessors part of the Inconcert Program, our customers can now benefitfrom the ease of use and time-saving features made available from AMXwith one-touch control automation.”

RS232 is used as the control method for operating the processors.Functions controlled for all Protea products include preset/scenerecall, all level controls and muting. VCM-88 functions controlledinclude individual level control of channels 1 through 8, master leveland muting. The system installer simply uploads the code block into theAMX NetLinx controller for one-touch A/V control automation.

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