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ATCs Move into The Village

The Village has added a pair of ATC SCM25A compact three-way monitors to its arsenal.

The Village’s ATC SCM25As. Photo: Zane Roessell
Los Angeles, CA (April 2, 2014)—The Village has added a pair of ATC SCM25A compact three-way monitors to its arsenal.

“ATC monitors were a common request from our clients,” said Tina Morris, studio manager at The Village. “ATC has a ruthlessly transparent sound that doesn’t color the work at all. ATCs reveal the good as well as the bad so that our clients can be confident moving forward that the work they’ve done will translate in the later stages of production.”

The ATC SCM25A, in a small footprint—10” x 17” x 16”— has precision crossovers and a tri-amplified topology (150W, 60W and 25W) designed to work in concert with the acoustics of the drivers and housing. The ATC SCM25As are small enough that engineers at The Village are able to transport them from studio to studio to meet the needs of various projects, though Morris reports that they’ve been spending most of their time in studios A and D.

As The Village approaches its 50th year, its technology and the artists who make it their creative home continue to evolve. Early sessions with the Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan have given way to visits by Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer.

“People are happy to hear that we have the ATCs available,” said Morris. “Next up will be producer Ed Cherney.” Cherney is best known for his Grammy Award-winning work with Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, among others.

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