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Music Production

Audio Academy Listens with PMC

Recording school in Spain revamps classrooms with new monitors.

Biggleswade, UK (March 5, 2019)—Musiluz Audio Master Academy, based in Malaga, Spain, has updated its mixing and mastering teaching facilities, installing PMC result6 compact nearfield reference monitors in all its classrooms.

The academy specializes in providing pro audio and music courses for aspiring producers, sound engineers, mastering engineers and DJs. Alongside music production and DJ classrooms, Musiluz also has a recording studio equipped with the latest pro audio technology.

PMC Debuts New IB2S Active Studio Monitors

“We can’t think any other studio monitors in this price range that can deliver such an amazing sound,” says Musiluz director Rubén Albendin, who first heard PMC’s result6 monitors at the NAMM show in the US.

“The frequencies response is very flat and the overall sound is very precis across the entire dynamic range, creating a really good 3D stereo image.”

Rubén Albendin adds that he is so impressed with the sound that the result6 speakers are delivering at the academy that he is now recommending them to other professional and project studio owners who need high quality monitoring.

The new result6 monitors were supplied by PMC’s Spanish distributor AT Consumer Value Retail, which advised the academy.