Audio Products for Film/Video

SENNHEISER WIRELESS QUAD PACK The QP 3041 Quad Pack from Sennheiser ( is a portable rack system for mounting and powering up to four


The QP 3041 Quad Pack from Sennheiser ( is a portable rack system for mounting and powering up to four Sennheiser EK 3041-U True-Diversity RF receivers. The QP 3041's all-metal frame nests four receivers inside a 2-height, half-rack enclosure, allowing all four receivers to share an antenna. Fitted with wideband input modules, the QP 3041 picks up signals from 0-900 MHz with a 900MHz switching bandwidth. With optional selective RF modules, it receives signals from 470-870 MHz, with a switching bandwidth of 60 MHz. Users can monitor each receiver from a single front panel headphone jack. Almost any DC source can power the QP 3041 via a 4-pin XLR jack. Price: $1,995.


Solid State Logic ( intros the Aysis Air Plus SC, a specially configured version of the Aysis Air Plus digital broadcast console designed for stereo and 5.1 surround mixing. Offering broadcasters a cost-effective transition to digital broadcast capability, the Plus SC has a traditional 32-fader/channel strip design (expandable to larger formats), comprehensive reset functions and built-in redundancy. SSL also announced MT Version 6, which ships as standard on the MT Production and MT Plus digital mixers, adding automation and processing features, with new channel and main bus dynamics options designed to give the sound and feel of traditional analog processing.


The SP-1.7 from Bryston ( is a multiformat analog and digital preamp/processor. In Digital mode, the SP-1.7 decodes Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, DTS Neo:6, THX Surround EX and THX Ultra-certified, and it provides mono and stereo downmixing and bass management. The system automatically detects and switches among digital modes, and the unit also processes PCM (32/44.1/48/96 kHz) via 24-bit converters. In Bypass mode, the SP-1.7 becomes an audiophile analog preamp. All I/Os are gold-plated, and each analog output (RCA and balanced XLR) is driven by its own line amp. External control can be integrated via a RS-232 port, and two 12-volt trigger outs can control motorized drapes and screens.


Dolby Laboratories ( debuts the LM100 Loudness Meter, a new analysis tool that measures the loudness of content, enabling broadcasters to eradicate the subjective loudness differences among television audio sources. The LM100 is capable of accepting PCM, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby E, analog and combined RF cable television signals.


Crown Audio ( has launched five SST (System Solution Topologies) cinema crossover modules. Each module provides crossover, equalization and delay functions for a specific JBL ScreenArray loudspeaker, including the two-way 4622, 3632 and 4632 models and the three-way 3632T and 4632T models. The new SST modules simply plug into the back of a Crown Contractor (CH/CL) Series or CE Series amplifiers. Balanced input connections are Neutrik Combo jacks; balanced outputs are removable barrier blocks.


The weather-resistant SoniCase Pro from Sonic Sense ( can accommodate a full-size portable DAT recorder, batteries and accessories. Built to withstand constant field use, the SoniCase Pro features a full-coverage rain fly and a three-shelf design. A transparent plastic window can be unzipped open as required, and easy-access openings allow charging batteries or changing connections without having to unpack. Made of double-layered, 1,000-denier Cordura, the SoniCase Pro is lined with long-lasting ¼-inch padding. Price: $159.


The INFRAsub-18 Home™ from Bag End ( is an 18-inch, self-powered subwoofer for home theater/studio applications. Incorporating a 400-watt power amp, the INFRAsub-18 Home has a flat frequency response from 8-95 Hz (±3 dB) and uses the same ELF dual 8Hz integrator as Bag End's premium ELF-1 system. The subwoofer accepts single mono lowpass or full-range L/C/R signal inputs, and provides three line-level, highpass outputs. Speaker level inputs offer additional flexibility for simple setups. Price: $1,670.