Audio Products for Film/Video

AMS NEVE LOGIC 3SC AMS Neve ( has launched the new Logic 3SC 5.1 audio post system, a fully networkable post workstation designed for


AMS Neve ( has launched the new Logic 3SC 5.1 audio post system, a fully networkable post workstation designed for high-speed editing and mixing. The 64/128-input, menu-free mixing console provides the inputs, outputs and automation necessary for fast and efficient creation of complex mixes. New editorial tools include the DSP ToolBox range of advanced DSP plug-ins, and the system is capable of managing simultaneous multi-version mixes. Surround monitoring is supported.


SoniCase from Sonic Sense ( for field recording equipment is constructed of tough Cordura fabric with a durable ¼-inch padding lining, and carries a full-size portable DAT recorder, two rechargeable batteries, a mic preamp, mics, cables and other accessories. A rain fly protects against the elements, and transparent windows offer visibility when zipped shut. Battery charging and operational changes can be made without unpacking. SoniCase includes a padded shoulder strap and securing waistband. Price is $195, and an accessory pouch is $32.50.


Vmotion, from DSP Media (, is a hard disk video recorder/player for audio post applications. Available as a stand-alone unit controlled from a high-res touchscreen, Vmotion interfaces with mixing consoles or sequencer/DAWs via 9-pin machine control and LTC. Vmotion can act as master or slave and offers instant picture location. DSP Media also announces Version 2.1 of AVtransfer, the company's multiformat, multistandard conversion software. AVtransfer opens, plays, combines and exports audio files and projects in OMF and other pro formats, will export 8-bit .WAV and .AIFF files, and can automatically transfer CD track and index files to disk.


The Lexicon ( MC-12 Balanced Digital Controller is a 12-channel digital controller with 12 configurable inputs and three independent output zones (Main, Zone-2 and Record). Beyond the standard 5.1 outputs, the MC-12 adds Rear Left/Right and Subwoofer Left/Right outputs. Audio outputs for Main and Zone-2 outputs are via balanced XLR connectors, and an intuitive user interface aids in speaker configuration. Analog sources are processed at 96 kHz (the unit automatically switches between digital and analog sources), and Lexicon's Logic 7® technology creates a 7.1-channel output from any input. Dolby Digital, THX Surround EX, DTS, DTS-ES 6.1 and Dolby Pro Logic II are also supported, and the unit is THX Ultra-certified. The controller includes two broadcast-quality video switchers and has three internal expansion slots; system software can be upgraded via the RS-232 port. Price: $9,995.


High-Noise Environment Headsets from Remote Audio Products ( provide extreme isolation from outside noise, while providing the user with a familiar, “industry standard” headphone sound. Equipped with Sony MDR-7506 drivers, the Remote Audio HN-7506 allows accurate, full-frequency range monitoring, while fluid-filled earpads attenuate external sources by as much as 40 dB. The adjustable headband is heavily padded. Model HN-7506-M includes a noise-canceling boom mic. Price of the HN-7506 is $285; the M version is $315.


Solid State Logic ( has introduced the Avant Plus Post & Film Console. Based on a discrete knob-per-function design, the all-digital control board includes SSL's new HS Control Processor, which allows multiple six or eight premix channels to be stacked beneath individual premix master faders; all session settings are stored and recalled by project. The SuperGrouper™ feature links multiple sets of rotary, switched and fader-driven controls across the console. An integrated TFT LCD allows operators to configure the 64×8 programmable monitor matrix for multiformat source selection. Virtual Paddles™ provide paged access to 48 track/record enables from any of eight assignable paddle keys, while surround panning may be controlled with a pen and tablet. Available in a range of frame sizes and input channel configurations, Avant Plus can be configured to support multiple operators.