AUDIO-TECHNICA AT897 LINE AND GRADIENT CONDENSERApril 2004—Audio-Technica's AT897 high-performance short shotgun microphone is designed for field audio
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October 2009—Audio-Technica ( unveils its first ribbon mics, the AT4080 and AT4081. These hand-built, rugged side-address mics are active ribbon designs with onboard phantom-powered electronics that bring their output to near-condenser levels, allowing for use with any pro preamp. Both the larger AT4080 and the low-profile AT4081 feature powerful-grade N50 neodymium magnets and innovative dual-ribbon construction for smooth bidirectional response with high SPL handling. The company's patent-pending MicroLinear™ ribbon design minimizes lateral flexing for durable performance and freedom from ribbon distortion. Applications include miking vocals, horns, strings, acoustic instruments, drum overheads, orchestras, ensembles and guitar cabinets. The AT4080 lists at $1,245, with shock-mount, dust cover and carrying case; the AT4081 is $895, with isolation clamp mount and windscreen. Shipping begins in November.

September 2008—The latest condenser mics from Audio-Technica are the cardioid AT2035 ($249m pictured) and the multipattern AT2050 ($369). The AT2035 offers flat, extended frequency response (20-20k Hz), 148dB SPL handling and 12dB self-noise. The AT2050 has omni, cardioid and figure-8 patterns; 149dB SPL handling; and 17dB self-noise. Both mics feature a switchable 80Hz highpass filter and a 10dB pad, and ship with a shock-mount and a protective pouch.

June 2008—Audio-Technica introduced its AT8004 ($135) and AT8004L ($149) omnidirectional dynamic microphones, designed specifically for the broadcasting market. The AT8004 (5.93 inches) and the longer AT8004L (9.43 inches) are ideal for handheld interviews, ENG/EFP and sports broadcasting applications, or as the “mono” mic when used with a stereo mic.

March 2008—Audio-Technica has released two new mic product bundles, the AT4040SP ($895) and AT4041SP ($795) Studio Microphone Packs. Both packages are optimized for live or studio use, and feature two mics from the company's 40 Series of condenser mics, along with mounting hardware, stand clamps, windscreens and protective wooden cases. The AT4040SP Studio Pack offers one AT4040 large-diaphragm, side-address cardioid condenser and one AT4041 cardioid condenser; the AT4041SP Studio Pack offers two AT4041 cardioid condensers.

March 2008—Audio-Technica's AT2020 USB is a version of its popular model AT2020 studio condenser, but with USB output and detachable mini tripod stand.

March 2007—Audio-Technica showed its AT2010 ($169), which brings the sound of its 20 Series to the stage.

February 2007—Audio-Technica's AT825 ($549) accommodates X/Y recording. It comprises two matched, fixed-charge, back-plate condenser elements that are configured side-by-side in a fixed 110-degree angle. The AT825's response is 30 to 20k Hz, with a switchable LF roll-off of 150 Hz (at 6dB/octave). Its signal-to-noise ratio measures 70 dB (1 kHz @ 1 Pa), and it handles 126dB SPL at 1k-ohm (at 1-percent THD). The mic operates on either battery or phantom power, and includes a 16.5-foot shielded cable with a 5-pin XLR at the mic end and two standard 3-pin XLR-M output connectors.

December 2006—The next generation of Audio-Technica's Artist Series adds new models while upgrading existing mics. The $299 ATM710 cardioid condenser, $249 hypercardioid ATM610 and $169 cardioid ATM410 dynamic vocal handhelds all offer low handling noise. New instrument mics are the $169 ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic, $369 ATM450 side-address cardioid condenser and $449 ATM350 cardioid clip-on condenser. The ATM350 comes with a violin mount and a flexible gooseneck mount; heavy-duty iso mounts are included with the ATM450 and ATM250/ATM250DE. Based on the AE2500, the $549 ATM250DE is a dual-capsule (dynamic/condenser) kick mic, and the $329 ATM250 is a single-element hypercardioid dynamic; both are suited for upright bass and high-SPL (kick, toms, guitar/bass cabs and brass) sources.

November 2006—Audio-Technica’s re-engineered Artist Series line of live mics adds new models and upgrades classics for a complete selection of vocal, instrument and drum mics.

October 2006—Audio-Technica has completely re-engineered its Artist Series™ line of live sound mics, adding innovative new models and upgrading classics for a complete selection of vocal, instrument and drum mics. Highlights include the ATM250DE, an affordable dual-element kick drum mic; the ATM450, an innovative side-address pencil condenser; and the ATM710, a durable cardioid condenser handheld tailored for high-fidelity vocal reproduction. The company also offers a generous selection of included accessories.

January 2006—This new studio bundle from Audio-Technica features the AT2020 and the newly released AT2021 mic. The AT2020 is a side-address cardioid featuring a 20-20k Hz response, a 124dB dynamic range and the ability to handle 144dB SPL. The AT2021 is a front-address, small-capsule mic targeted at instrument recording with a frequency response of 30-20k Hz, 126dB dynamic range and the ability to handle 145dB SPL. Price: $249.

October 2005—Ideal for project/home studios, Audio-Technica’s ( new AT2041SP 20 Series Studio Pack comprises the versatile AT2020 side-address condenser (for vocal and instrument applications) and the AT2021 small-diaphragm condenser, a natural for acoustic instruments, overheads, hi-hat and piano. Audio-Technica’s stringent quality/consistency standards set both microphones apart from other mics in their class. Each offers a wide dynamic range and handles high SPLs with ease. A pivoting stand mount, microphone clip and protective pouches are included. Price: $249.

September 2005—Audio-Technica has enhanced its 3000 Series UHF true-diversity wireless systems with Automatic Frequency Scanning, which automatically determines and sets the best available open frequency. Particularly useful when using multiple wireless systems, AFS avoids interference and intermodulation. The frequency-agile 3000 Series offers up to 16 simultaneous systems per frequency band, for a maximum of 32 simultaneous systems across two UHF bands (541.5 to 566.375 MHz and 655.5 to 680.375 MHz) with 200 selectable frequencies in each band. Two options are available (both include the ATW-R3100 receiver and rackmount hardware): the $699 ATW-3110a UniPak™ comes with a ATW-T310 bodypack and the $799 ATW-3141a system has a ATW-T341 handheld transmitter with the same capsule as the company’s Artist Elite AE4100 mic. Both transmitters run from six to 10 hours on two AA batteries.

July 2005—Audio-Technica's Artist Elite AE6100 ($289) hypercardioid mic was designed for smooth on-axis response, maximum feedback rejection and low handling noise. Protecting the AE6100 against vocal popping is a hardened-steel grille lined with a fine steel mesh and a layer of open-cell foam. A foam disc positioned on top of the element provides an additional layer of pop protection. Frequency response is shaped to cut through stage monitor mixes and provides clean articulation. Frequency response is 60 to 15k Hz; impedance is 250 ohms. The mic exhibits an open circuit sensitivity of -55 dB (1.7 mV) ref. 1V at 1 Pa.

July 2005—The company's Artist Elite AE5400 ($579) is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic for use in critical stage applications. Featuring the same large-diaphragm element as the AT4050 studio microphone, the AE5400 handles high SPLs while maintaining high-frequency performance and clarity. A multilayer grille protects against plosives and sibilance without compromising high-frequency response. Internal electronics are mounted on a high-quality, dual-sided PCB with an extensive ground plane to minimize electrical noise. The AE5400 incorporates a 10dB pad and LF roll-off (12 dB/octave @ 80 Hz) switches, and may be phantom powered with 11 to 52 volts DC. Frequency response is 20 to 20k Hz with a max. SPL of 147 dB @ 1% THD (157 dB w/pad); impedance is 150 ohms and noise is 14 dB, A-weighted.

April 2005—The AT892 MicroSet™ omni-directional headworn condenser mic from Audio-Technica puts accurate sound in an inconspicuous, 2.5mm capsule. Offered unterminated or in versions designed to mate with popular wireless bodypacks, the AT892’s high-comfort under-the-ear design provides a secure fit and is ideal for users with eyeglasses. The MicroSet includes two windscreens, two element covers, a cable clip and a protective carrying case, and is available in non-reflective black or theater-beige finish.

March 2005—The AT2020 cardioid condenser from Audio-Technica is designed for the project studio/home recording user. With the ability to handle high 144dB SPLs and a custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm that provides excellent transient response and extended frequency response (20 to 20k Hz), it’s a good choice for a wide range of recording applications. A stand mount and protective pouch are included.

December 2004—Audio-Technica's AT 2020 is a rugged, side-address cardioid condenser with a low-mass, mid-sized diaphragm and a street price of $99.

September 2004—Intended for high-quality, low-profile operation, Audio-Technica’s ( AT898 Subminiature Cardioid Condenser Microphone maximizes intelligibility with clean, accurate reproduction. A mere 5 mm in diameter, it’s ideal for minimum-visibility applications and includes a case and complete accessory kit with three single and two double interchangeable mounts, clothing clip, viper clip, magnetic clip and two foam windscreens. The included AT8537 power module features battery/phantom power operation, switchable low-frequency roll-off and a low-impedance XLR balanced output. The wired version is $299; unterminated and wireless versions of the mic are also available for use with pro RF systems from A-T, Lectrosonics, Shure, Sennheiser and others.

April 2004—Audio-Technica's AT897 high-performance short shotgun
microphone is designed for field audio acquisition in film/TV/video
production, professional recording and broadcast applications. It
offers outstanding long-distance audio pickup; smooth, natural-sounding
on-axis audio quality; and excellent off-axis rejection of sound
arriving from the sides and rear of mic. It also features switchable
low-frequency roll-off along with the versatility of battery/phantom
. Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz; maximum input sound level:
129 dB SPL; impedance: 200 ohms; length: 11 inches.

April 2004—With Audio-Technica's new discrete design AT898, users
are assured of maximum intelligibility, minimum visibility and the
versatility of battery/phantom power. Available in wired and wireless
versions, the mic features a low-profile appearance (a mere 5 mm in
diameter), durable construction and switchable low-frequency roll-off
to reduce popping. Includes clothing clip, magnet and viper mic mounts,
three single and two double interchangeable mic holders, and two
windscreens. Price: $299 (wired version).

March 2004—Audio-Technica updated its entry-level cardioid mic
line at Winter NAMM with Midnight Blues higher-output designs and lower
handling noise, including the MB1k and MB3k dynamic vocal models, the
MB2k dynamic instrument mic and the MB4k (battery or phantom)
condenser. Price: $49 to $129.

April 2003—The new AT899 subminiature omnidirectional condenser
lavalier microphone provides maximum intelligibility in a mere 5mm
diameter housing. The wired model has the flexibility of phantom power
or battery operation. The AT899 is also available in black or beige,
unterminated, or with connectors for use with various wireless systems.
Included with all models is an extensive accessory collection including
interchangeable clothing clip, single and double mic holders, viper
clip and windscreens. Wired model list at $299. Wireless versions start
at $199.

April 2003—Audio-Technica's AT3060 phantom-powered tube
microphone features high sensitivity and low noise with the traditional
warm sound of classic tube mic designs. An all-new, large-diameter
cardioid condenser element and large coupling transformer for improved
linearity at low frequencies are also included. The AT3060 operates on
standard 48-volt phantom power, so it doesn't require a separate power
supply and multicore cable. List is $599, including an AT8458


November 2002—Audio Technica’s AT8471 is an amazing mic
mount with dual-swiveling gimbals that allow placement in any position.

September 2002—At Summer NAMM, Audio-Technica expanded its Artist
Elite™ live performance mic line with the end-firing AE5100 and
side-address AE3000, two large-diaphragm condensers for instrument
miking, both available with the new AT8471 secure-locking,
shock-isolation clamp. The big wow was the $699 AE2500, a dual-element,
high-SPL design that puts side-by-side dynamic and condenser capsules
in a single mic body. Intended for kick drum miking, the AE2500's 5-pin
(dual-channel) XLR provides separate access to either capsule, letting
users combine the two elements at the mixer for just the right blend of
beater snap transients and low-end boom.

August 2002—Audio-Technica's new 30 Series includes the AT3031
cardioid and AT3032 omnidirectional small-diaphragm, fixed-charge
backplate, permanently polarized condensers. Both models have a
frequency response of 30 to 20,000 Hz, a conservatively rated
self-noise of 16 dBA, high-SPL-handling capability (148 dB, or 158 dB
with the -10dB pad switched in), and an 80Hz, 12dB/octave,
low-frequency, roll-off switch. The mics are priced at $259 each, with
stand clamp, foam windscreen and protective pouch. TO READ THE REVIEW, CLICK HERE


October 2002—A-T's Artist Elite dual-element AE2500 is the
ultimate kick drum mic. The revolutionary AE2500 has two elements
(cardioid and dynamic) positioned in a perfect phase relationship and
enclosed in a single housing. The dynamic element delivers the
aggressive attack of the beater, while the condenser captures the round
tonalities of the shell. The AE2500 features an 80Hz highpass filter
and -10dB pad, and it includes the new AT8471 isolation clamp. List:


October 2002—A-T's Artist Elite" AE3000 is a cardioid condenser
for high-SPL instrument miking. This large-diaphragm, side-address mic
features an 80Hz highpass filter and a -10dB pad, and it requires
11-52VDC phantom power. The AE3000 has a 20-20,000Hz frequency
response, 137dB dynamic range, 11 dB of self-noise and 158dB SPL
handling. It includes the new AT8471 isolation clamp. List: $379.

July 2002—Audio-Technica debuts the AT4040, a cardioid,
large-diaphragm condenser mic. The transformerless AT4040 features an
extended, flat-frequency response (20-20,000 Hz), wide dynamic range
(133 dB, 1 kHz @ max SPL) and handles SPLs up to 145 dB (1 kHz @ 1%
THD), 155 dB with 10dB pad. A switchable 80Hz, -12dB/octave LF roll-off
is also provided. Additional features include an aged,
vapor-deposited-gold, large-diaphragm capacitor element and a
symmetrical housing assembly that minimizes internal reflections. Price
is $495, with shockmount, dust cover and carrying case.

May 2002—Audio-Technica has introduced four new handheld
microphones (two condenser, two dynamic) as part of the new Artist
Elite™ Series. Models include the AE5400 Cardioid Condenser
Microphone, a true condenser, large-diaphragm design that exhibits
linear and uniform off-axis response, and includes a switchable 80Hz
highpass filter, a 10dB pad and a multilevel windscreen. Other models
in the range include the AE3300 Cardioid Condenser, the AE6100
Hypercardioid Dynamic and the AE4100 Cardioid Dynamic. All models are
supplied with A-T's new AT8470 Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp. Prices
are $579 for the AE5400, $439 for the AE3300, and $289 for the AE6100
and AE4100.

May 2002—Musikmesse brought in a fresh new crop of mics. Shipping
now, the AT-4040 from Audio-Technica is an affordable ($495 list), true
condenser that puts a large-diaphragm cardioid element into a
4033-sized housing. Switches for low-cut filtering and -10dB pad (155dB
max SPL with pad in) complete the package.

March 2002—Audio-Technica's Artist Elite Series handheld mics
include the top-end AE5400 cardioid condenser ($579) with a 1-inch
capsule based on A-T's 4050 studio mic; the $439 AE3300 puts the sound
of A-T's popular 4033 into a handheld package. Cardioid or
hypercardioid dynamic models ($289/each) are also offered.

August 2001—Ten years ago, Audio-Technica changed the studio mic
market with its AT4033, a low-cost/high performance cardioid condenser
that became a popular choice among top producers and engineers. Now,
A-T marks the anniversary with the AT4033/SE, offering the same sound
as the original, but in a special edition model with improved
shockmount, a custom mic dust cover and wooden case.

June 2001—Audio-Technica's 40 Series handheld condenser mics, including the AT4055 ($499), are essentially handheld versions of the company's well-used AT4050 studio mic. The AT4055's large-diaphragm element brings out an extended low end and handles high SPLs and features internal shock-mounting. AT's top-end vocal dynamic, the $270 ATM-61HE, has a high-output neodymium with a patented floating diaphragm that reduces handling noise. This hypercardioid mic has a frequency response of 50 to 18k Hz and is available in the ATM61HE/S model with integral On/Off switch and nonremovable grille. Retail is $270. TO READ THE REVIEW ON THE 4055, CLICK HERE.

March 2001—The AT815ST and AT835ST stereo shotgun microphones
from Audio-Technica are designed to capture high-quality stereo audio
in demanding field situations. Requiring 11-52V phantom power, both
models feature independent line-cardioid and figure-8 condenser
elements. Users can switch between a nonmatrixed M-S mode and two
internally matrixed left/right Stereo modes for traditional stereo in
either wide or narrow patterns. The AT815ST has a frequency response of
30-20k Hz and a length of 15 inches. The 9.3-inch AT835ST has a
frequency response of 40-20k Hz. Both models have switchable LF
roll-off (80 Hz, 12 dB/octave) and include foam windscreen, stand clamp
and 24-inch stereo cable terminating in two standard-XLR connectors.
The AT815ST is $999; the AT835ST is $899. TO READ THE REVIEW, CLICK HERE.