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Audio-Technica Releases 5000, 4000 Artist Elite Series

At NSCA, Audio-Technica showed its 5000 and 4000 Series wireless systems, which feature true-diversity, frequency-agile operation. Both systems come in

At NSCA, Audio-Technica showed its 5000 and 4000 Series wirelesssystems, which feature true-diversity, frequency-agile operation. Bothsystems come in multiple configurations, including handheld and UniPaktransmitters. Multiple receivers of both series can be linked, and bothsystems feature IntelliScan™ frequency selection and dualcompansion. In addition, the 5000 Series includes PC-compatible controlsoftware.

The heart of the 5000 Series is the AEW-R5200 receiver, whichcomprises two independent receivers in a single full-rack housing. Twohundred selectable UHF channels are offered in the range of 655.500 to680.375 MHz (TV channels 44 through 49), with an operational range inexcess of 300 feet. An AC pass-through system allows multiple receiversto be powered using only one outlet. Receivers also include Ethernetports. An external mute switch jack provides the capability to mutethesystem quickly and easily.

The 4000 Series features a half-rack receiver, the AEW-R4100, withfrequency-agile operation over the same channels as the AEW-R5200, andincludes two independent RF sections. The AEW-R4100 has the sameIntelliScan capability for optimum frequency selection on all linkedreceivers. Dual compander circuitry is included, along with the digitalTone Lock squelch system for rejection of unwanted RF. The 4000 Seriesreceivers may be linked with one or several 4000 or 5000 Seriesreceivers, and they can be monitored by the 5000 Series systemsoftware.

Five wireless transmitter options are available for both systems.All feature rugged, ergonomic metal bodies, programmable on/off/muteswitching, and 10mW/35mW switchable RF power.

The handheld transmitters are developments from the company’s ArtistElite line of wired microphones, specially optimized for wirelessoperation. Options include two condenser and two dynamic types: theAEW-T3300 and AEW-T5400 cardioid condensers, and the AEW-T4100 cardioidand AEW-T6100 hypercardioid dynamics. The AEW-T5400 and AEW-T3300 offervery low-handling noise and sturdy die-cast construction.

Currently available, the 5000 Series systems start at $3,119 MSRP,and the 4000 Series systems start at $959 MSRP. Individual componentsare available for purchase separately.

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