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Audio-Technica UHF Antennas, Distribution Systems

Audio-Technica displayed new UHF antennas and UHF distribution systems at NSCA 2004. Designed to work with the company’s 5000 and 4000 Artist Elite® Series

Audio-Technica displayed new UHF antennas and UHF distributionsystems at NSCA 2004. Designed to work with the company’s 5000and 4000 Artist Elite® Series Wireless Systems and othermanufacturers’ wireless systems, these accessories arespecifically engineered to enhance wireless reception in challenging RFenvironments.

The AEW-DA550C and AEW-DA660D (pictured) UHF Antenna DistributionSystems (operating in the 540 to 565MHz and 655 to 680MHz ranges,respectively) are active unity-gain antenna distribution systemsproviding two 1-in/4-out RF channels for connecting a pair of antennasto as many as four diversity receivers. A cascade output is provided asa directional coupler to drive additional distribution amps. The unitalso features defeatable antenna power and AC pass-through capabilitythat allows daisychain AC hookup. The rugged metal chassis mounts in asingle 19-inch rackspace, and has reinforced mounting ears and rearrack-mount capability. Both models include a detachable IEC powercable, IEC pass-through cable, 10 RF cables and front-mount antennacables and connectors for easy system integration. Also included arefour DC power cables to power up to four Audio-Technica 3000 Seriesreceivers.

The ATW-A49 UHF Wideband Directional Log Periodic Dipole Array(LPDA) antennas have also been added. Operating in the 440 to 900MHzrange, the ATW-A49 provides enhanced signal pickup, 6dB gain and comesstandard with 5/8-inch-27 thread-mounting hardware for permanentwall-mount installation or attaching to a microphone stand. Each paddleis matched to 50 ohms impedance with an integral high-quality, low-lossBNC connector.

The Audio-Technica AEW-DA550C and AEW-DA660D UHF AntennaDistribution Systems and the ATW-A49 UHF Wideband Directional LogPeriodic Dipole Array are currently available with respective MSRPs of$959 and $398.

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