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Audix D6, December 2002


I use a variety of mics for kick, such as a Sennheiser MD-421, Beyer
M88, E-V RE20, AKG D112 and even E-V’s 664 “ray gun,” which
transforms any bass drum into the ’70s dry thud Steely Dan kick.
Another fave, Audix’ D4 offers thunderous LF, but requires some
experimenting to find its sweet spot. With this in mind, Audix offers
the new D6, a $349 cardioid using a very low mass (VLM) dynamic
diaphragm in a 4×6-inch rugged aluminum body. The D6 has a stand
adapter (on mine, the swivel wouldn’t cinch securely), but it also fits
the Audix D-flex, other D-Series mounts and lots of other clips: A-T,
E-V, etc.

In session, the D6 delivered exactly as promised. It’s voiced for
kick miking, with 144dB SPL handling and a response emphasizing the 60
to 120Hz “boom,” while attenuating the wobbly 200 to 600Hz
range and then extending to 15kHz to catch those beater-snap

Forget EQ. You don’t need it. Outside, six inches from double-headed
jazz drums (1962 Gretsch 18-inch and 1914 Ludwig & Ludwig 26-inch
calf), the sound was rounded, full and woolly. Inside a 22-inch Premier
rock kick, the result was punchy and tight, with soul-shaking lows. The
D6 was consistent nearly anywhere within the kick, with a solid,
no-hassle sound, although it can be easily tweaked by moving it
slightly—i.e., closer/more on-axis to the beater. Onstage or in
session, the D6 rocks—literally!