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Aura Sonic Ltd.

Aura Sonic Ltd. (ASL) was established in the late 1970s by Steve Remote to provide a variety of location recording and broadcast production facilities.

Aura Sonic Ltd. (ASL) was established in the late 1970s by SteveRemote to provide a variety of location recording and broadcastproduction facilities. Remote has arranged his resources in aflexible manner to allow for a number of custom configurations,ranging from ASL’s two fully equipped remote trucks to portable“break-away” audio recording and mixing packages,customized for each project. ASL custom systems can be set up atany facility, venue or location for local or global remoterecording and live mix coverage.

ASL’s two well-outfitted trucks are just as flexible. Analog anddigital audio components can be configured to meet the client’srequest in an “a la carte” style. The new“multifunction” mobile unit with hydraulicallyexpanding control cabin (available summer 2001) can handle 2- to144-track audio recording, with over 264 inputs available. Thesecond mobile unit can handle 2- to 96-track audio recording withover 172 inputs available. The ASL trucks are customized for eachand every project from a full complement of analog and digitalgear.

Both ASL mobile control cabins have been ergonomically designedfor maximum efficiency. Complete control and overview of theconsole, signal processing and video monitors are possible from themix position, and the main patchbay system is centrally located.Additional ASL and/or guest equipment, including mic pre’s, mixers,processing, multitrack machines, etc., can be interfaced to the ASLsystem via various audio/video panels. Separate air conditionersprovide consistent, reliable cooling, and Ultra isolation and powerconditioning keep the AC power clean.

Though its beginnings were in live music recording, ASL, today,is a multifaceted mobile and location facility, with credits inrecording, film, video, radio and the television broadcastingindustries. ASL clients include ABC, BBC, CBS, ESPN, FM Osaka, FMTokyo, FOX, HBO, Matsushita/Panasonic Visuals Inc., MTV,Netherlands Programme Service, NHK, NPR, PBS, Paramount, Showtime,Tokyo Broadcasting, Turner Broadcasting, USA Networks, VH-1, WarnerBros. Pictures, WBCN-FM, WBGO-FM, Westwood One, WNYC-FM, WQCD-FM,plus many record labels.

Capturing the sound the client wants is, of course, key to thesuccess of Steve Remote and ASL. Remote also attributes hislongevity to ASL’s unique position in the business. “Theniche I fell into was having the truck that is between the largeand small trucks that are around,” Remote explains.“Today, our mobiles and portable packs can complement anyproduction venture, big or small, from a super-small box to amultifunction expanding truck.

“ASL takes a fresh look at each and every audio recordingand live mix project it gets involved in,” continues Remote.“The company is designed to provide an efficient andeconomical way to integrate quality audio components with thefinest on-location audio production techniques. We’ve always beendedicated to satisfying the needs of our colleagues and clients,and we’ve succeeded consistently with this approach.”


Company Name: Aura Sonic Ltd. Contact: SteveRemote, President/Chief Engineer; Victoria Bonadonna, Director ofClient Relations. Services Offered: Truck-based andportable audio recording, editing and mixing; audio engineering andconsulting services for broadcast, music recording, film sound,teleproduction audio, streaming media and live sound reinforcement.Main Technology Platforms: Otari Status 18R 48-channel,96-fader dual-path console; Millennia Media Mix Suite (3); API 312448-channel mic pre’s; True Systems Precision 8 48-channel micpre’s; 48 channels of Focusrite ISA215, Audio Toys Pro6, MidasXL42, Daking 52270; Yamaha 01V (3); Otari MTR90 MkII 2-inch analogmultitrack (2); Tascam MX-2424 (2); Tascam DA-88 (14); Tascam DA-45HR (2); Alesis ML9600 Masterlink (2); M&K 2510P (5); M&K5310SUB (2); Genelec 1031A (4); K&H 92 (2); Mackie HR824 (4);Over 240 microphones by AKG, Audio Technica, B&K/DPA, Beyer,Coles, Crown, E-V, Milab, Neumann, Royer, Sennheiser, Shure.Partial Credit List: Rod Stewart; Netherlands MetropoleOrchestra; The Corrs; ‘N Sync Bon Jovi; Staind; POD; SineadO’Connor; Stone Temple Pilots; Everclear; Carlos Santana; ChristinaAguilera; Tori Amos; Chick Corea & Origin; Marc Anthony; JoeJackson; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Live; Silverchair; Faith Hill,Fuel; Wynonna.

Aura Sonic Ltd.
(ASL Mobile & Location Production)
PO Box 520791
Flushing, NY 11352-0791
Tel.: 718/886-6500
E-mail: [email protected]