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Aviom 16/0-YI Card for Yamaha Consoles

Aviom announced the support of Yamaha’s line of digital mixing consoles with its AVIOM16/o-Y1 output card

Aviom announced the support of Yamaha’s line of digital mixingconsoles with its AVIOM16/o-Y1 output card, which allows audio in theform of the company’s proprietary A-Net™ protocol to bedistributed via Cat-5 cable directly from the console to Aviom A-16Personal Mixers; no other input device is required.

Pictured: AVIOM16/o-Y1 output card with Yamaha DM1000

“This is a major technological breakthrough for users of theYamaha digital consoles and for Aviom users,” said Carl Bader,president/CEO of Aviom. “The simplified direct connectivity makesthis a compelling package for both live and studio use. We are veryexcited to have major equipment manufacturers so eager to adopt ourA-Net technology.”

The AVIOM16/o-Y1 output card is a mini-YGDAI-format card that fitsinto an expansion slot in the rear of Yamaha’s digital consoles,including the 01V96, DM1000, 02R96, DM2000 and PM1D. It allows afront-of-house engineer to assign and send 16 mono channels or up toeight stereo channels of audio in the digital domain to each performeronstage (or in the studio) directly from the Yamaha console’scontrol surface. The AVIOM16/o-Y1 output card is compatible withAviom’s A-16II Personal Mixers, and A-16D and A-16D Pro A-Netdistribution products.

“The ability for a musician to control his own monitors by theAVIOM card housed in the mixing console environment is a major stepforward in digital,” said Larry Italia, general manager of YamahaCommercial Audio Systems division. “The AVIOM16/o-Y1 output cardwill reach a much broader user base for both companies as we continueto provide breakthrough products and services.”

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