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Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor

Aviom’s new A-Net product for use with the A-16 Personal Monitor Mixing System, the A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor, is a 2U device

Aviom’s new A-Net product for use with the A-16 PersonalMonitor Mixing System, the A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor, is a 2U devicethat is designed to distribute the A-Net signal from an A-16TTransmitter, the AN-16/i Input Module, the original A-16D Distributoror another A-16D Pro Distributor.

Each A-16D Pro accepts one A-Net input signal and provides for eightsimultaneous A-Net outputs using standard Cat-5 cables. The A-16D ProDistributor also features a dedicated A-Net Thru jack that allows theA-Net signal to be sent to other A-16D Pro A-Net Distributors,providing for virtually unlimited system expansion. In addition, theThru jack can be used to connect other A-Net-compatible units, such asthe AN-16/o Output Module, allowing the A-16D Pro to become a centrallink in an audio distribution network.

The A-16D Pro Distributor eliminates the need to daisy-chain A-16Personal Mixers, simplifying stage and studio setups. The unit ispowered by an internal switching power supply, with an IEC connector onthe rear panel. All connections for A-Net In/Out/Thru useNeutrik’s EtherCon connectors.

The A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor provides eight channels of isolated(floating-ground) DC power to the connected A-16 Personal MonitorMixers directly, eliminating the need for a power supply at eachmixer’s location. The original A-16D Distributor remains in theproduct line. Unlike the A-16D, the A-16D Pro does not require anyexternal DC power supplies. Inside the A-16D Pro is Aviom’s powersubsystem design that virtually eliminates the possibility ofintroducing hum or ground loops into an audio system.

All connections on the A-16D Pro are on the front panel. Apass-through cable cutout is provided for flexible cable routing. Aswith all Aviom A-Net-compatible products, cable runs of up to 500 feetare possible between devices.

The list price of the A-16D Pro is $999.95 and is expected to shipin Q2 2004.

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