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Aviom A-16II

Aviom updated its A-16 Personal Mixer with the A-16II, which features newly designed higher voltage and higher current output circuitry.

Aviom updated its A-16 Personal Mixer with the A-16II, whichfeatures newly designed higher voltage and higher current outputcircuitry.

According to Aviom design engineer Tom Metcalf, “The newoutput design allows even high-impedance headphones to be driven louderand cleaner. We have incorporated large bulk capacitors in the designto provide cleaner transient response to the entire range of outputdevices.”

A new plug auto-detect circuit at the output determines whether thedevice plugged into the A-16II’s audio out jack is mono orstereo. When a mono plug is detected in the output jack, the circuitautomatically pans the right-channel information so that the individualchannel balance remains accurate.

Several new software enhancements have been added. A new solo mode,called Held Solo, allows the user to remain in solo mode and makechannel selections without returning to mix mode. A Global Trimfunction allows the user to decrease the volume by 6 dB on all 16 mixerchannels simultaneously by using a simple button combination. Also, thepersonal mixer can now display the last-selected mix preset.

New cosmetic enhancements have also been added, including a newscribble strip has been designed, text on the new label has beenre-arranged and now includes button combination information for theGlobal Trim function and a clearer labeling of the bass and treble tonecontrols.

The new A-16II Personal Mixer is fully compatible with all existingpersonal monitor mixing systems and with Aviom’s AN Series ofdistributed audio network products.

The list price of the A-16II Personal Mixer is $499.95 and isexpected to ship in Q2 2004. For more information, visit For more newsound reinforcement products, visit Toread Mix‘s NSCA show report, visit