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Aviom Digital Snake Technology

Aviom Inc. announced a trio of related products—the AN-16/i Input Module, the AN-16/o Output Module and the A-16SB System Bridge—that when used together

Aviom Inc. announced a trio of related products—the AN-16/i Input Module, the AN-16/o Output Module and the A-16SB System Bridge—that when used together create a powerful digital audio snake, capable of digitally transferring high-quality, 24-bit audio over inexpensive, industry-standard Category-5 cables.

As with all the company’s existing products, Aviom’s proprietary A-Net Protocol ensures that there is less than 1 millisecond of latency from analog input to analog output. The A-16SB, AN-16/i and AN-16/o are compatible with Aviom’s existing product line, which includes the modular A-16 Personal Monitor Mixing System.

Aviom’s digital snake is a flexible modular system that allows the user to build unidirectional or bidirectional configurations to suit most audio distribution needs. Any combination of up to four AN-16/i and/or four AN-16/o units can be used. A maximum of 64 channels of audio is possible. The system is capable of creating digital snakes in the following configurations: 16×0, 32×0, 48×0, 64×0, 16×16, 32×16, 48×16 and 32×32. When coupled with the two-part A-16SB System Bridge, any of the AN-16/i and AN-16/o multichannel snake configurations can transfer data bidirectionally over a single Cat-5 cable. Cable lengths between each system component can be up to 500 feet long. The A-16SB System Bridge combines up to four A-Net signals at one end of the snake, and then separates them into separate A-Net streams at the other end.

The AN-16/i Input Module is a single-rackspace unit that serves as the A/D input for the digital snake. It converts 16 line-level analog audio channels into uncompressed, full-bandwidth digital data transmitted via the company’s proprietary A-Net protocol. All inputs are balanced 1/4-inch TRS jacks. There is a Thru jack available for each input, which allows the AN-16/i Input Module to be inserted into an existing audio signal path. On the front panel, the AN-16/i has a four-position gain switch (+22, +4, 0 and -10 dB), stereo-channel link switches, and signal present and clip LEDs. The rear panel has two rows of 16 jacks for analog audio Input and Thru. For system network connections, there is an A-Net Out jack and an A-Net Expansion jack.

The AN-16/o Output Module is a 1U rackmount D/A converter. It has 16 1/4-inch balanced TRS line-level output jacks on its rear panel. Also on the rear panel is a set of three network connectors for A-Net In, A-Net Out and A-Net Expansion. On the front panel, the AN-16/o has a two-position level switch (+4 and -10 dB), along with signal present and clip LEDs. The AN-16/o Output Module can also be integrated into existing A-16 Personal Monitor Mixing Systems to provide 16 discreet line-level outputs for recording, broadcast, effects or other mixing purposes. Any number of AN-16/o Output Modules can be connected to a system as needed.

MSRPs: AN-16/i Input Module, $899.95; AN-16/o Output Module, $899.95; and A-16SB System Bridge, $249.95. For more, visit Aviom online at For more sound reinforcement products, visit