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Aviom Euroblock-Equipped Modules

Aviom Inc. will introduce Euroblock versions of the AN-16/i Input Module and the AN-16/o Output Module

Aviom Inc. will introduce Euroblock versions of the AN-16/i InputModule and the AN-16/o Output Module at NSCA 2004, Booth #4103. TheEuroblock versions complement the company’s existing line ofdigital distributed audio network products. The Euroblock versions ofthe AN Series products are fully compatible with their TRS-equippedcounterparts and the AN-16SB System Bridge. The TRS and Euroblockproduct variations can be mixed and matched as needed.

Each of the AN Series products contains 16 Euroblock connectors onthe rear panel. The Euroblock connector’s two-partplug-and-socket design simplifies wiring and installation. No solderingis necessary; wire is inserted into slots in a Euroblock plug connectorand tightened in place with a screwdriver. The plug snaps into placeinto one of the 16 sockets on the rear panel.

Aviom’s AN Series of distributed audio network products aredesigned to work together to create a powerful digital audiodistribution system, one that can function as a digital snake and as aninfinitely expandable audio splitter. The system is capable oftransferring high-quality 24-bit audio digitally over inexpensive,industry-standard Category-5 cables. As with all of the company’sexisting products, Aviom’s proprietary A-Net Protocol ensuresthat there is less than 1 millisecond of latency from analog input toanalog output. The A-16SB, AN-16/i and AN-16/o are compatible withAviom’s existing product line.

Aviom’s distributed audio network is a flexible modular systemthat allows the user to build uni-directional or bi-directionalconfigurations to suit most audio distribution needs. Any combinationof up to four AN-16/i and/or four AN-16/o units (with TRS or Euroblockconnectors) can be used. A maximum of 64 channels of audio can bedistributed. The system is capable of creating digital snakes in thefollowing configurations: 16×0, 32×0, 48×0, 64×0, 16×16, 32×16, 48x16and 32×32. To create a splitter, the user adds an additional outputmodule to any existing AN-16/o Output Module installed in the system.An infinite number of signal splits can be achieved by using thismethod.

When coupled to the two-part A-16SB System Bridge, any of theAN-16/i and AN-16/o multichannel configurations can transfer databi-directionally over a single Cat-5 cable. Cable lengths between eachA-Net system component can be up to 500 feet long. The A-16SB SystemBridge combines up to four A-Net signals at one end of the system andthen separates them into separate A-Net streams at the other end.

The AN-16/i-EB Input Module is a single-rackspace unit that servesas the A/D input for the digital snake. It converts 16 line-levelanalog audio channels into uncompressed, full-bandwidth digital datatransmitted via the company’s A-Net protocol. The AN-16/i-EB canalso be used as an input module when using the company’s PersonalMonitor Mixing System.

On the front panel, the AN-16/i-EB has a four-position gain switch(+22, +4, 0 and –10 dB), stereo channel link switches, and signalpresent and clip LEDs. The AN-16/i’s rear panel has a row of 16Euroblock jacks for analog audio input that can also be used as anaudio thru. For system network connections, there is an A-Net Out jackand an A-Net Expansion jack.

The AN-16/o-EB output module is a 1U rackmount D/A converter. It has16 Euroblock line-level output jacks on its rear panel. Also on therear panel is a set of three network connectors for A-Net In, A-Net Outand A-Net Expansion. On the front panel, the AN-16/o has a two-positionlevel switch (+4 and –10 dB), along with signal present and clipLEDs.

The AN-16/o-EB Output Module can also be integrated into existingA-16 Personal Monitor Mixing Systems to provide 16 discreet line-leveloutputs for recording, broadcast, effects or other mixing purposes. Anynumber of AN-16/o or AN-16/o-EB Output Modules can be connected to asystem as needed.

MSRPs include: AN-16/i-EB Input Module, $999.95; AN-16/o-EB OutputModule, $999.95; AN-16/i Input Module, $899.95; AN-16/o Output Module,$899.95; and A-16SB System Bridge, $249.95.

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