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B Pro Goes with SSL Duo in Dubai

UAE facility places duo of Duos in its studios.

United Arab Emirates (February 12, 2018)—Dubai-based multimedia production company B Pro Production recently purchased a pair of Solid State Logic Duality δelta SuperAnalogue consoles for two of its five music recording and mastering studios.

“My business partner, Jassim Mohamed, and I had our first inspiration for this project in 2012,” says company founder and CEO Ahmed Alali, who started out as a musician and band leader before moving on to sound engineering. “We imagined a single, multi-studio complex where all aspects of music production and post-production could be realized, for clients at all levels, at all budgets. That became B Pro Production.”

Mixer Wez Clarke Continues with SSL

The facility’s primary customers are Arabic artists from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Music in the region is wide-ranging, reflecting the cultural variety in areas such as Dubai, which has residents from almost every country around the world.

B Pro Production has four music recording studios plus a mastering suite. Studio A is the flagship space with a live room that can accommodate up to 75 musicians, has a private lounge, and a large control room with a 48-channel SSL Duality δelta Pro Station console.

“This is one of the best multi-track recording spaces around,” says Alali. “It can be adapted to suit multiple production needs, depending on the atmosphere and sound you’re going for, and the 5.1 mixing capabilities of the Duality are particularly valuable.”

SSL Adds DAW Control to System T

Studio B has another private lounge and a tracking space with variable-surface walls. It features a 24-track SSL Duality δelta SuperAnalogue console and a range of outboard gear.

“Studios C and D are smaller spaces, well-suited to vocal tracking, songwriting, overdubs and sound design, as well as mixing,” says Alali. “And our mastering suite is unique in the MENA region. We have a specially designed area equipped with the finest gear, both vintage and ultra-modern.”

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