Bag End Minima One

At the recent NSCA show, Bag End introduced its Minima One, a 1,000-watt, high-fidelity, high-efficiency internal modular amplifier

At the recent NSCA show, Bag End introduced its Minima One, a1,000-watt, high-fidelity, high-efficiency internal modular amplifierthat weighs five pounds. The module is available as an option on allbut a few products in its product line.

According to company president Jim Wischmeyer, “It willprovide an onboard powered system option that will ensure a reliablehigh-performance powered solution that sound designers and soundreinforcement contractors have been demanding for some time.”

The Minima One is more than 80-percent efficient, providing morepower to the loudspeaker and creating less heat in the amplifier.Incorporating patented technology, the comparison circuit of the modulecorrects each individual cycle. On average, every four microseconds,the one-cycle modulator transforms and amplifies the input signal intothe ideal natural pulse width modulation. Switching at 250 kHz with thesingle cycle error-correction ensures low distortion and highreliability.

In addition, the power factor-corrected AC power input automaticallyand continually adapts to any voltage between 88 and 275 volts.

The Minima One amplifier module option will be available for about$750 per speaker system, depending on the speaker model.

Specs for the Minima One include a rated power of 1,000W @ 4-ohmload or 500W @ 8-ohm load; frequency response of 20-20k Hz, +-0.5 dB;THD + Noise is 0.2% worst case, 30kHz measurement BW; a damping ratioof 450 to 100 Hz (8-ohm load) and a dynamic range of 100 dB.

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