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Bano Promotec Brings In D5

Netherlands-based Bano Promotec ( has recently purchased a DiGiCo D5 FMX front-of-house and monitor package with 56-track recording

Netherlands-based Bano Promotec ( has recently purchased a DiGiCo D5 FMX front-of-house and monitor package with 56-track recording via DiGiTRACS.

Sound quality and ease of use were the two major reasons why Bano chose the D5 FMX package as the new addition to its rental stock. “The combination of Meyer Sound’s MILO line array, M2D and the DiGiCo package gives us the opportunity to make the best of every show,” said Bano’s Erwin Balkema. “The Meyer Sound has the amplification in the box and the D5 has all the effects, comps and gates onboard, which makes the stage and trucking very straightforward and clean.

“The learning curve for the D5 is very short. We had guest mixers doing their own show after only 20 minutes change over time and explanation, and our company now has a lot of analog effects, compressors and gates to sell. We have worked on some very different shows and all the theater staff were very pleased with the small number of seats that are needed for the D5 at FOH: Only three!”

The first tour with the D5 is the 2004 Frank Boeijen Tour in the Benelux region. “In this tour, we will use only a TC System 6000 and two Avalons [preamps and end compressor] for outboard gear,” Balkema said. “We have also included a LD-3 compensating line driver from Meyer Sound in the local rack. The 12 sends to the M2D line array are going to the stage rack through optical cable.

“The setup is very straightforward: We place the FOH D5 on a 12-unit local rack and also have one 12-unit rack with outboard gear. All we have to do is plug the power in locally, roll out two small 150-meter optical drums and we are ready for the show. And with two co-ax cables to the DiGiTRACS recording machine, we can make a 56-track recording every show. This means we need fewer seats from the theater, we need less time to set up front of house and monitors, and we need fewer people to lift the consoles. So we have more time to do the real work: adjusting the sound in the theater and doing rehearsals without the band.”

In other DiGiCo install news, EML Productions ( has added a D5-FMX package after comparing the D5 with other digital consoles during Night of the Proms and a Simple Minds tour.

According to EML Productions’ senior sound engineer Patrick Demoustier, “The DiGiCo D5 sounds as good as a Midas XL4. Before I heard the DiGiCo D5, I could never believe that a digital console can sound that good. The user interface of the console is extremely well designed and really straightforward. The learning curve is very short and, therefore, you’re confident working with the console from the first gig.”

The package comprises two D5-Live 56EX consoles with two stage racks (offering up to 112 mic/line inputs) and a local I/O rack per console (each with 40 analog I/O and 16 AES/EBU I/O). With the package, EML Productions can either work with two independent consoles (FOH or for two gigs) or use one console at FOH and one at monitors. The desks are equipped with 32 insertable processing channels, which are geared for the monitor console. Each processing channel is equipped with a 6-band fully parametric EQ, a fully featured compressor limiter and a delay of up to 240 ms.

In this system, gain tracking allows the console operator to change any input gain without affecting the sound balance on either console. Gain tracking is selectable on each channel independently on each console.

The two consoles will be linked over fiber-optic cable using Optocore technology. On this same ring, the stage racks will be connected. All of the I/O racks and consoles are equipped with redundant power supplies.

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