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Bates Adds to ATC Collection

Composer Tyler Bates recently purchased a second pair of ATC SCM20ASL monitors.

Las Vegas, NV (November 19, 2019)—Longtime ATC user Tyler Bates, who works across the film, television, video game and record industries, and is currently scoring a new Cirque du Soleil show, recently purchased a second pair of ATC SCM20ASL monitors to match the sound of his other rooms.

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Bates composes, records and mixes on ATC monitors and has long relied on ATC SCM100ASL and SCM150ASL monitors in his main studio. He also has ATC SCM20ASL monitors in smaller studios on his compound, where his associates work in all facets of music production on his myriad projects. Bates worked closely with Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, IN, to facilitate his most recent purchase of ATC SCM20ASL monitors.

“My good friend and engineer, Robert Carranza, is responsible for introducing me to ATCs,” Bates says. “We worked on ATC SCM25As in his studio, and they sounded accurate and felt very natural to me. I immediately switched my monitors from another premium brand speaker to ATCs after that session. The consistency has been incredibly helpful in our collaborations, as we file-share sessions on various film, television and album projects, including the past two Marilyn Manson records, both of which Robert mixed.”

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He continues, “When writing music for film and television it’s important that I hear depth and clarity at low volume because I’m usually blending synthetic and natural instruments. And when you engage in this work process for 12 to 14 hours per day, you can’t work at high volume until your critical listening for the day is done.

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