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Berklee Adds Stereo Monitors to Dolby Atmos Stage

Berklee College of Music recently added PMC8-2 monitors to its the Dolby Atmos-certified dub stage.

Berklee College of Music's main Atmos dub stage.
Berklee College of Music’s main Atmos dub stage.

Boston, MA (May 25, 2022)—Berklee College of Music recently added a pair of PMC8-2 monitors for stereo monitoring in Dolby Atmos-certified dub stage on its campus in Boston, MA. The main Atmos dub stage was also recently equipped with a new Avid S6 console.

“We have numerous recording studios, mix suites and mastering facilities on campus, including six live tracking rooms that cater to the many musicians on site,” Rob Jaczko, Berklee’s chair of music production and engineering, explains. “We also have a post production specialty within the Music Production and Engineering syllabus, which teaches students audio post production techniques for cinematic purposes.

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“The Atmos dub stage is used for this work and is a fabulous listening environment. Changing the console gave us the opportunity to move our advanced mixing curriculum into the studio. This meant we needed dedicated stereo monitoring that could work alongside the immersive audio system, so we chose PMC8-2 monitors because they had the power and accuracy we needed for this space.”

Jaczko, who began his career as a recording engineer and producer at A&M Studios in Los Angeles, says he is now considering adding a pair to his own private studio. “At Berklee, we only equip our studios with definitive gear that is representative of a professional standard. This philosophy defines every purchasing decision we make because we want to ensure that our students become familiar with the type of equipment they will encounter in the real world. PMC certainly fits this brief, and I am sufficiently impressed with the performance of the PMC8-2 monitors we have installed that I would like a pair of them at my studio.”