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BIAS SoundSoap

BIAS Inc. announced the soon-to-be-released SoundSoap Pro, a high-end audio restoration plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP, that will be offered for $599.

BIAS Inc. announced the soon-to-be-released SoundSoap Pro, ahigh-end audio restoration plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP, thatwill be offered for $599.

Rather than splitting the restoration process into separateplug-ins, SoundSoap Pro uses a unique integrated interface that allowsthe user to access any tool quickly and easily from within a singleplug-in window. Tool navigation tabs are labeled “Hum &Rumble,” “Click & Crackle,” “Broadband” and “Noise Gate.” The tabsprovide convenient parameter feedback, allowing the user to monitor theprimary tool settings globally, regardless of which tool is currentlyselected.

SoundSoap Pro’s approach to multiband noise reduction focuses onspeed, usability and performance. SoundSoap Pro groups 512 bands into12 discrete threshold and reduction sliders, which can be easilygrouped with a Lock button, and 12 vibrant level meters assist inthreshold adjustments.

SoundSoap Pro’s tool area features a unique, global, real-timespectrogram, providing constant visual monitoring of spectral noisethat may be in need of treatment. With its intuitive color codes, thespectrogram allows users to discern problem areas and make relevanttool adjustments, all while listening to—and watching—theresults. Users can also easily hear the noise they are reducing byselecting “Noise Only.” Unlike Bypass, which can be used globally orfor each tool and which bypasses the processing, the Noise Only buttonallows the user to hear, on a global level, only what is beingremoved.

“While our original SoundSoap continues to offer amazingresults—with minimal cost and effort—we recognized the needfor additional power and control to meet the demands of theprofessional audio restoration market,” said Jason Davies, VP worldwidesales for BIAS. “SoundSoap Pro delivers a comprehensive suite ofadvanced restoration technologies in a single plug-in. This not onlyallows the user to choose easily between multiple tools, but also’suggests’ an order in which to apply them to achieve the best results.SoundSoap Pro’s robust and unique feature set, efficient and intuitivecontrols, extensive native plug-in format compatibility and relativelyaffordable price should make for an irresistible investment for anyprofessional audio customer.”

SoundSoap Pro is designed for every major plug-in host, includingPeak 4 (VST/AudioUnits), Pro Tools (RTAS), Logic Audio/DigitalPerformer (AudioUnits), Nuendo/Cubase SX/Wavelab (VST), Sonar (DirectX)and many other compatible hosts. BIAS SoundSoap Pro will be availableQ1 2004 for $599 MSRP. SoundSoap users will be eligible to cross-gradeto SoundSoap Pro when it is available.

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