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Big 3 Entertainment Installs ATI Paragon Mixing Consoles

Big 3 Entertainment (St. Petersburg, Fla.) handling all aspects of its artists' careers under one company umbrella.

Big 3 Entertainment (St. Petersburg, Fla.) handling all aspects ofits artists’ careers under one company umbrella. Working with topproducers, songwriters, choreographers, wardrobe consultants, publicityand marketing professionals in the entertainment industry. The companyrecently installed a pair of 48-input ATI Paragon II mixingconsoles—one for FOH and one incorporating 10 stereo inputs formonitors—into its rehearsal rooms.

Big 3 front-of-house engineer Howard “Howie” Lindeman (pictured,above), a 29-year engineering veteran who previously worked at theRecord Plant, the Hit Factory and RCA before deciding to go freelance,said, “I’ve worked with Paragons before. Outside of it being one of thecleanest-sounding consoles I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with,the flexibility was a real important factor of having it here at Big 3,especially in the rehearsal halls. That is because of the multitude anddiversity of the acts that they have, and being able to have a consolethat will do literally everything you ask it to do in terms of routingand inputs and outputs.”

Big 3 monitor engineer Joe White (Boys II Men, Gladys Knight), said,”Most of our bands use in-ear monitors, and we like to do them instereo. The larger the band, the more outputs you eat up on the desk.So with a large band, to do wedges, effects and everything, we wereconstantly running out of outputs on the desk. We researched into otheranalog desks that we thought might suit us better and the Paragon cameout to be ahead of everybody.”

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