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Binari Sonori Recording Studio


At Binari Sonori in Milan, Massimo Giorgino (left) and Nadi Ghirardini

With facilities in Milan and Tokyo, and plans to open a studio in Los Angeles this spring, Binori Sonori ( has become a versatile resource for international game developers. Since 1995, this company has offered a multilingual network of project managers and linguists who provide translation, casting and voice-recording services to game clients such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Fisher Price and more.

The Milan studios comprise several audio rooms; three main recording/post-production rooms (A through C) are each set up with Power Macs running Pro Tools 7.4 — one HD2 Accel system, one HD Core and one 003 Factory LE. (Binari Sonori is also a third-party Digidesign developer.) Studios A, B and C are also equipped with Yamaha 03D, Soundcraft Spirit E8 and Digidesign 003 Factory mixing consoles, respectively. Main monitoring is all Genelec; Studio A is a 5.1 surround room (five 8040As and 7070a sub).

For recent work on Microsoft’s Fable II, Binari Sonori’s engineers handled localization and dubbing of French, Italian, German, Spanish and Latin American Spanish versions of the game. This involved recording more than 415,000 words per language and recruiting 47 actors per language over the course of more than six months’ work. Other recent projects include the French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese versions of Uncharted 2 for Sony (more than 120,000 words per language, recruiting 17 actors per language), Gran Turismo PSP (Sony) and EA’s entire Need for Speed series.